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Knock Out The Flu And Holiday Shopping, All On Your Own Time

This post is sponsored by Kmart. All opinions are my own.

It’s flu season, something we were reminded of recently when we found out many children at my sons’ school were missing school days because the flu has been making the rounds again. Our sons already had their flu shots, so I didn’t feel too worried this year, but there have been years when we waited to make appointments with our doctors, and in the meantime suffered bouts of the flu that kept us in bed and feeling miserable and tired.

The flu can affect us in many ways, so even if we don’t get the flu ourselves, missing co-workers make work more difficult when we have to take on their work, and missing classmates and their parents throw off the carpool schedule. Children who comes to school with the flu can continue the cycle, and lead to months of sick days and missed work. Everyone is affected when people postpone getting their annual flu shots, so we always make sure to get ours and encourage others to make sure they get theirs as well. At Kmart, flu shots are still available.

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Knock Out The Flu

Luckily, you don’t have to wait to get an appointment at a doctor’s office to get your flu shot, or have to take a day off from work, or anything like that. Thanks to Kmart, you can get your flu shot at your local Kmart pharmacy with your trusted pharmacist while you shop, no appointment necessary. Even better, most insurances are accepted so your cost can be $0 (or $27.99 for the Trivalent flu shot if you don’t have insurance). For many people who skip the flu shot, cost is a factor, especially when you have a large family, so Kmart’s $0 flu shots (with most insurance plans) can ease the pinch.

It’s already October, but it’s not too late to make sure your kids don’t miss school days and you don’t miss work just to stay home miserably with the sniffles. Save time and money at Kmart, and for months after as you cruise through the winter. Just walk in while you shop and ask for it, and leave the store with everything you need, including your flu shot!

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Care Beyond the Counter

Our closest Kmart is at Farmingville, NY, and we’ve been getting ready for the holidays with holiday shopping. We tend to have to shop a lot this time of year, so whether you were at Kmart for back to school, or now as you get ready for the holidays, it’s great to be able to get everything done on one trip. Kmart starts prepping for flu season in August, and they are still the one-stop health destination for families when you need it, including friendly advice and care about prescriptions and over the counter remedies.

Kmart Pharmacies also offer other immunizations for patients who are 18+. While we waited for Jack’s shot (which took less than two minutes), our pharmacist took care of multiple patients who all knew her by name, and she knew them all too. I can’t think of anyone better to get your flu shots and back-to-school immunizations from than the neighborhood pharmacy with caring pharmacist. Kmart Pharmacy is ranked #1 in Customer Satisfaction according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index. After our visit, we didn’t find this at all surprising. And Kmart cares about your pets too!

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Did you and your family get your flu shots yet? Learn more about Kmart flu vaccinations and find a Kmart close to you at Kmart.com.