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Getaway From The Winter Cold With A Trip To Paradise: Punta Cana

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Apple Vacations. All opinions are 100% mine.

It’s getting cold, so my mind keeps drifting away to fantasies of someplace warm, and lately, I’ve been dreaming about Punta Cana. It’s near where some of my family was born, and my husband remembers dreamy summers spent there in his youth. Honestly, during the cold winter months, the idea of a wonderful, warm tropical vacation is even better.

Hurricanes Irma and Maria recently hit parts of the Caribbean, which depend on tourism to support their economy. Luckily large portions were left mostly or completely unaffected. So many islands are true treasures, beautiful and relaxing, and are still ready to welcome visitors who need a respite from their rushed everyday. The Dominican Republic, and Punta Cana in particular, were luckily left untouched by hurricanes, and they offer world class hotels that are perfect when you need to thaw out from the winter freeze.

Punta Cana depends on tourism to support its economy, and they truly offer wonderfully relaxing, soul-soothing getaways to ensure the pleasure of their guests. Despite the similar name, the Dominican Republic has been left unaffected by hurricanes this year (many confused it with the similarly named Dominica, an island that sustained quite a bit of damage from the storms). If you’ve traveled to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic in the past and loved it, you don’t have to worry that your favorite vacation paradise has been harmed… you can still book a flight and head there this year!

Apple Vacations has several nonstop Exclusive Vacation Flights to Punta Cana this winter, and it also works with scheduled air carriers from other U.S. gateways. Punta Cana is famous for endless stretches of white sandy beaches, all-inclusive resorts, and premier golf experiences, so it has it all- beauty, romance, relaxation, and fun. It’s often referred to as the Coconut Coast, because in order to retain it’s charm and preserve the environment, no resort is Punta Cana is build higher than the highest palm tree.

All-inclusive Apple Vacations include round-trip airfare and transfers to airport, hotel accommodations, and an Apple Representative in the resort with scheduled desk hours who is ready to provide you service. Apple Vacation Exclusive Vacation flights offers non-stop or few-stop options, and even morning departures and evening returns so you can spend as much time on your vacation as possible!

Punta Cana also offers splendid spas, over two dozen golf courses, entertaining casinos, and fabulous restaurants, so check out Apple Vacations for the great deals to Punta Cana that are available this fall and throughout winter. Apple Vacations is the #1 tour operator in the world to the Dominican Republic, and can offer experience and expertise as a results of serving millions of vacationers over the years. Visit AppleVacations.com to plan your getaway.

The tragic aftermath of the hurricanes will affect parts of the Caribbean for many years. You can help out areas that were affected by hurricanes and can’t currently host tourists, by donating to Tourism Cares or Hispanic Federation. 100% of donations go to affected areas. You can also feel free to visit beautiful islands like Punta Cana that were not ravaged, because they depend on tourism and are severely impacted if vacationers avoid the area thinking it’s being rebuilt and unavailable to tourists. They are looking forward to your visit, so don’t hesitate!

It really is getting cold, and daydreams about a tropical paradise can become reality this year.

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