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Building Healthier Communities By Serving Kindness

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of CityMD. All opinions are 100% mine.

For parents, there are three things we always need to know: 1. where the best parks are, 2. what hours the library is open, and 3. where urgent care is located closest to home. We don’t want to stop our children from having a fun, active childhood they will remember forever, so instead, we just prepare for everything, including emergencies.

Urgent care counts when it’s there as soon as you need it, with caring, attentive physicians who focus on you. CityMD Urgent Care is a leading urgent care provider with over 70 locations, including Manhattan, Seattle, and near my home on Long Island, NY, and their focus is on “building healthier communities by serving kindness”. Having emergency care so readily available is everything to families with active young boys, and considering we’ve needed to go to an emergency room already well over a handful of times in the last seven years (and just the thought of sitting in a clinical, overfilled, over-busy ER for hours made me want to put off seeking care each time), it’s a godsend to have quality urgent care close by.

Urgent care when you need it

A group of Emergency Medicine physicians created CityMD, built around the concept of delivering efficient, state-of-the-art, personalized urgent medical care that is readily available for walk-in patients. They realized it was time for healthcare to evolve into something better, more productive, more effective- for everyone. It was time to provide high quality medical care on demand, and with true kindness and respect.

Our local CityMD is literally within a six minute drive, and it’s the place we headed to when I needed care and put it off for two days because I didn’t want to go to an emergency room at any of the local hospitals. We have wonderful hospitals locally, but the ER experience is similar everywhere, and so I hemmed and hawed over going. My husband was growing concerned so googled local urgent care himself, and that was how we found CityMD, right in our backyard.

CityMD offers self check-in kiosks, and by scanning a picture ID, or entering a bit of information about yourself, your data is entered into their entire system, both at the present location and every CityMD nationwide. Talk about a time-saver! CityMD is open from 8am to 8pm on most days and at most locations (the one near me closes earlier on weekends), and the wait time is usually less than 5 minutes. The staff was friendly, and the doctor was solicitous of questions, explaining everything and making sure I understood. I didn’t feel rushed and I left with all my questions answered.

The waiting room was lovely too… clean, comfortable, attractive. I noticed everyone else waiting was as comfortable as I was, and were taken care of quickly also.

The emphasis is on care

My experience at CityMD was so positive that when we needed urgent care for my son, we returned. We feel like we have a neighborhood doctor’s office that is almost always on call, and I don’t worry so much about having such active, playful sons who like activities that are challenging.

CityMD‘s patient-centric model that helps patients save time and provide easy access to high quality medicine, and they accept most insurance accepted, including Medicaid. Take a closer look at the CityMD Experience:

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