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5 Tips To “Winterize” Your Family For Cold and Flu Season

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Braun Thermometers. The opinions and text are all mine.

This year we focused on winterizing our home for the first time (as a first time home owner, I’m learning as I go), but just as important is how we winterize our family, because germs are everywhere- something strongly reinforced for me this morning when a fellow mom at my son’s school informed me she was sending in her just-diagnosed-with-bronchitis child to school. Ahem. Well then… it’s not just our home that needs fortifying from the winter elements.

It’s my job to protect and care for my kids as much as possible, and over time I’ve collected the right gear to tackle almost every situation where the boys need their mom. I stock up on noodles and organic chicken broth for soup, feel-good books the boys always love to hear when they are under the weather, and my tools to make them feel good, like thermometers and anti-fever meds. Of course, there are ways to make sure we get through the winter without ever getting sick in the first place, so I’m sharing tips both on preventing cold and flu, and how to handle it if someone in the family gets a cold or the flu despite your best efforts.

How to Winterize for Cold and Flu Season

1. Start with the house of course Seal drafty door frames and chilly windows, and change the filters on your furnace to keep it running optimally. We winterized our home for the first time this year to save money on heat and keep us warm and toasty all winter long, and it’s amazing how much just a little effort to cover drafts can really keep the house feeling comfortable.

2. Lots of hand washing Hand sanitizer is great, washing hands regularly is even better, especially with an antibacterial hand soap. I honestly think this is the reason my sons are rarely sick… we wash our hands all the time. We buy moisturizing antibacterial hand wash because lots of washing can be drying to skin and we want to make sure to kill those germs. I also keep hand sanitizer in both cars and in my purse and they reuse it after interacting with other kids.

3. Bundle up. My sons fight wearing coats and heavy sweaters (they claim to be super heroes who are immune to the cold) but I’ve convinced them that while they are immune to cold, the cold weather brings germs that they aren’t immune to so they need to bundle up to stay warm and healthy and fight those yucky germs. Layers are a smart idea while the weather is still tricky, with frigid mornings giving way to milder afternoons, so they aren’t perspiring indoors at school all day and then temperature-shocked when running out into the cold day when school lets.

4. Bring the fun inside My older son loves to read, and like I did as a child, he now takes a book with him everywhere he goes. I love this. It fills me to bursting to see what a great love of reading he has ♥︎ and there is the added benefit that it keeps him indoors more, going on adventures in between the pages of a book instead of outdoors in the cold where I’ll neurotically be checking to make sure his coat is zippered and his hat is on (usually, neither are). We also break out the board games and watch lots of fun retro movies together too.

5. Stock the right tools The Braun No touch + forehead thermometer and Braun ThermoScan 5 Ear thermometer can help you check your child’s temperature on nights he wakes up at 2am not feeling well, and both are non-invasive so you can use them while your child sleeps. Braun is the #1 brand recommended by pediatricians and available at Walgreens with a great rebate deal, and our thermometer is definitely the most used item every winter in our home, because I can find out whether they have a fever within seconds and feel reassured (or act if needed).

Parents are always on duty

I’m always on duty, so when I hear a suspicious cough or sniffle at midnight, I’m up and heading over to my sons. It makes life so much easier when I know if they are coming down with something or feverish, so I can give them medicine right away and start making them feel better, and even plan for a sick day. And if my children are not feeling well, they need their sleep, so the fact that I can find out their temperature without waking them up is very reassuring… I can let them rest.

The Braun ThermoScan® 5 Ear thermometer is proven more accurate than forehead or rectal thermometers because it measure the temperature inside the ear canal, and it has an exclusive pre-warmed tip to prevent your child being irritated by a cool tip in their ear. It comes with a supply of filters and provides a temperature reading in seconds, and can be used for infants, children, and adults.

The Braun No touch + forehead thermometer is the first thermometer to take professionally accurate temperatures without even touching the forehead (something about this is pretty awesome and the boys love how futuristic it is as much as I do). It can take a temperature reading from up to two inches away in two seconds, and there is no need to swipe it across the skin or forehead. It’s safe and hygienic and can be used for children and adults also. Both can be purchased now with a $5 rebate incentive to make a necessary tool a smart deal too.

What are your must have items for winterizing your family?