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Summer Is For Baseball, Ice Cream, & Iced Coffee

Summertime is meant for being outdoors, and every day we are doing fun activities to make the most of it. Whether watching an outdoor movie, playing a new sport for the first time, or spying snails in our yard, we are heading out and seeing what adventures await.

My best friend and I love to spend hours sitting by and watching our children play, seek, experiment, race, and do all sort of new things, and we sip our iced coffees flavored with favorite International Delight coffee creamers and chat about our summer plans and activities.

running around baseball diamond
running around baseball diamond-8
running around baseball diamond-6
cinnabon internationa delight

We recently headed over to our local park so little man could play baseball with his best buddy, whose dad acted as the pitcher. We brought bats, balls, gloves, and small toys for the kids, and iced coffees for the moms and dads. It was such a nice day that we walked the half mile to the park to get some fresh air and a little exercise.

It was my son’s first time playing baseball, and it took him a little while to get the hang of holding and swinging the bat. He’s a lefty but wanted to swing like a righty, and I figured he should do what comes naturally to him. I’m a bit ambidextrous myself (write with right hand but do cartwheels with left hand) and figured it was just another thing he got from me.

running around baseball diamong-7
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running around baseball diamong-10
running around baseball diamong-8
running around baseball diamond-2

My littler man just did his own thing, running around with a bucket he’s come to use as a catch all for his favorite toys, a sort of kiddie purse to hold it all in so they are always with him. Lately he’s been carrying bath toys in it (ie rubber duckies and squeezable squeaking fish) and taking them everywhere. I just go with it. They are who they are ♥︎

The older boys hit balls and ran bases, and the little kids ran after them and got in their way, like little siblings are supposed to.

running around baseball diamong
running around baseball diamong-12

And of course, in the end they played in the dirt together, which was fine, because honestly, I never let them get dirty enough. Boys should get dirty- all kids should, at least once in a while- without moms being so finicky about the mess (I’m talking about myself here). Instead, I should just photograph it all, and then show it to their kids when they try to stop them from getting dirty in thirty years.

running around baseball diamond-5
running around baseball diamong-3
running around baseball diamond-4
running around baseball diamond-3

My friend and I enjoyed coffee while we watched and chatted, and when her adorable daughter wasn’t running off to giggle with the messy boys, she’d come back and chat with us. After, we took the kids out for ice cream so they could cool off, and us moms just enjoyed more flavored iced coffee.

running around baseball diamong-14
running around baseball diamong-15

We stayed out in the warm summer evening until the sun almost set, then we walked (the kids ran) home. I’m thinking this is a fabulous way to keep spending the rest of our summer together.

If you’re wondering what flavor we are currently loving from International Delight, it was the Cinnabon that flavored our iced coffees- it tastes like the classic cinnamon roll we grew up craving. The only thing better than watching and photographing my kids run around is having a refreshing iced coffee to cool me off while I do it- and my best friend keeping me company.

cinnabon internationa delight-2

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