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Happy 75th Anniversary M&M’S! Come Celebrate Summer At An M&M’S World Store

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of M&M’S World. All opinions are 100% mine.

What would be cooler than your favorite chocolate candies coming to life right before our eyes? According to my family, nothing, so we visited the M&M’S World Store in Manhattan to enjoy some of our favorite chocolate candies and see our favorite characters commemorated with Americana, Star Wars themes, and more- it was awesome!

mms world store-11

This year is M&M’S 75th anniversary and they are celebrating all year long. Visitors, both locals and tourists, shopped for fun tees and beach towels and personalized M&M’S between checking out all the flavors M&M’S are available in, and they have all the flavors! The M&M’S World Store was packed (and I mean packed) with people having a great time and who couldn’t get enough of all the accessories and apparel.

mms world store-18
mms princess leia

Visitors to New York (and locals) will find lots to do at M&M’S World. Travelers to Las Vegas and Orlando can also add some tasty color to their travels by visiting the regional M&M’S World store in those cities, because M&M’S World stores are international, with locations in Las Vegas, New York City, Orlando, London and Shanghai- and each store offers specialty items honoring the host city. I really loved what we had in our World Store to represent NY!

mms americana
mms world store-17
mms i love new york-2
mms i love new york

Five reasons to visit the M&M’S World Store in Manhattan

1. The chocolate candies – I didn’t even know M&M’S came in dark chocolate or crispy, but now I do. I loved that they could be personalized for favors, and many favors were ready made and packaged in apples, four leaf clovers, and other shapes. So many ways to enjoy and share our favorite treat.

mms world store-9
mms world store-14
mms flavors

2. The photo booth and the chance to put your own face on an M&M! They are made right away (less than two minutes), so you can actually walk out with them during your visit (or order them online, but taking them to go seems even more fun!). The New York City and Las Vegas M&M’S World stores currently feature a Personalized Printer to create customized M&M’S in about two minutes, even your own face – those would be some pretty awesome party favors, or a great way to keep the fun going on your Manhattan vacation!

mms world store personalized custom mms
mms world store star wars-4

3. Apparel I would totally wear, and think would be really cute for adults with a playful side. There was of course lots for kids, like backpacks, apparel and even socks, but I loved, loved, loved the fitted tees for women.

mms world store-2
mms apparel
mms world store summer line
mms world store star wars

4. A timeline of the M&M’s throughout history- they changed so much, and I got such a kick out of seeing the retro stylings of M&M’S.

mms world store-6
mms world store-7

5. The monuments, including The Statue of Liberty and large than life Fireman Red M.

mms world store-10
mms world store-3

This year M&M’S World introduced the Americana collection, so of course I had to check those out- they definitely appeal to my patriotic side, and I love that they honor real heroes with Firemen Red M and Police Officer Blue M.

mms americana-2
mms world store personalized custom mms-3
mms world store-4

There were so many accessories and housewares- beverage cups, M&M’S dispensers, clothing, flavored lipsticks, tees, toys, mugs, sandals, and so much more. We bought a lot of M&M’S so we can enjoy a few each day, and sandals for the beach. We even loved the bag it was all packed up in.

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