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Uncover Your Inner Beauty

I’ve been using Silk’n Revit for almost four months now, and I continue to love the results. Most notably, the lines on my forehead (especially between my brows) have softened quite a bit, and I look less tired.

Here are pictures before and after using Silk’n Revit for the last few months:


Of course results vary, and my results may not seem very drastic compared to some, but I’ve been pretty concerned about those lines that perpetually made me look worn out, particular the horizontal lines on my forehead and the vertical lines between my eyebrows. I’m too young too look so tired all the time! And it didn’t matter whether my face was resting or making an expression… the lines were permanently settling in 😟

I really believe that baby steps in maintaining youthful skin prevents the necessity for extreme measures later on to reverse signs of aging in skin that wasn’t well taken care of- like a facelift. Silk’n REvit uses diamond micro-dermabrasion technology, a combination of gentle exfoliation and vacuum stimulation to reveal younger, fresher looking skin underneath and slow down the settling in of those starter lines- babysteps and it only has to be done a few times a week.


I never really had issues with acne or scarring, but microdermabrasion is widely recognized to be effective in treating both. And at my age, many women are starting to get a lot of fine lines that seem to show up overnight, and because great beauties I’m a fan of have publicly shared that one of their great, non-invasive beauty tricks is to buff (microdermabrasion) their skin daily to keep it looking smooth, it’s the path I am taking too. It’s a very small investment in long term younger looking skin- 5 minutes a day. I’m worth it ♥︎

My steps for beautiful skin

1. Drink lots of water and eat healthy. An unhealthy diet can cause imbalances in our systems that lead to skin eruptions. At the very least, cut back on salt which leads to skin puffiness, and alcohol, which can cause ruddiness and outbreaks. I try to avoid both totally for health and for beautiful skin. And just don’t smoke, seriously- no beautiful woman stayed beautiful past 40 if she was a smoker.

2. Moisturize on the outside, and use gentle products that won’t irritate the skin. Wash your face before going to bed so makeup doesn’t clog pores.

3. Stay out of the sun – I really believe that the worst thing any of us can do is to spend excess time outside in the sunlight, especially without protecting our skin from harmful UV rays that can burn and damage our skin. It’s not healthy, and it also hastens the aging process. If you spend time outdoors, slather up on sunblock (not suntanning lotion- sunblock)

4. Use Silk’n Revit to gently exfoliate the skin with vacuum suction regularly to remove the top layer of skin and encourage the growth of healthy, more supple skin underneath. It can help anyone 18+ with acne scars, fine lines, and age spots to uncover healthier skin, naturally. Men and women can use it.

Silk’n Revit

Silk’n Revit has two energy levels, and three options for the treatment tip (choose based on the area and texture of the skin being treated). Treatment only takes 5 minutes for each area, running the device over tautly held skin slowly and constantly. Afterwards, rinse the treated area with cold water, and repeat every three or four days as needed. Men can use it too! It’s for anyone 18+ who would like to reveal younger, fresher looking skin.

Here are some results others have had:


Uncover your inner beauty! Learn more at Silk’n REvit and connect with Silk’n on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for updates and new products to help you uncover your inner beauty! Silk’n has won recognition for Best Laser Hair Removal, Product of the Year – Hair Removal, and Product of the Year – Anti-Aging, and Silk’n products can be found in the following stores: Bed, Bath & Beyond; Kohl’s, Ulta, and select Target locations.