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Some Places Have All The Fun ♥︎ New Hampshire

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of New Hampshire Division of Travel and Tourism Development. All opinions are 100% mine.

New Hampshire is nature’s playground, where forests are allowed to grow unharmed and waterfalls and waterways are only controlled by the beavers and wildlife. Our family vacation to the White Mountains of New Hampshire this August was more than I hoped for, and everyday outside was an adventure. The natural beauty of the blue mountains and green forests rising high into the landscape inspired us to spend all our time outdoors.

New Hampshire family vacation
family travel to New Hampshire
New Hampshire Landscapes Penelope Guzman

Summer vacation in New Hampshire is perfect for family

If you love the outdoors, New Hampshire has it all. We did a lot, and there wasn’t enough time to do it all. It’s a totally different world from my home state of New York. Relaxing with views of mountains and trees that reached high into the sky in every direction, and then returning to a skyline of high rises and cement and industrial smoke where ever you looked into the horizon… I love my city so much, but the impact was strong. I already miss New Hampshire.

We went on outdoor adventure hikes to learn about wildlife and nature, and found everything from trees scratched by climbing bears, to dams created by beavers, and even purple bear scat (by a bear that likes blueberries), plus learned about medicinal plants and others used by people (plaintains for healing and wintergreen for teas), and some to avoid! We searched for animal tracks, and spied a few animals but weren’t able to get too close, and the tour guide took us back to her home so our younger son could try archery for the first time.

New Hampshire is for Nature Lovers
New Hampshire family vacation
New Hampshire outdoors
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New Hampshire white mountains
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We went horseback riding, with our older son taking his first horse back riding lesson, and then spent time with these beautiful creatures through an educational tour called Barn Buddies to learn about how to take care of horses.

Both boys rode horses for the first time, with our older son riding over hilly trails for almost an hour all by himself, second on the path only to the tour guide and leading a group of ten of us like a boss! We saw a black bear on our journey and it didn’t phase him one bit. Our littler guy was too young for more than a trainer-led short horse ride, but he was a champ and did a great job too, officially graduating from pony rides.

New Hampshire Horseback Riding
New Hampshire Horseback Riding Outdoors
New Hampshire Horseback Riding Kids
New Hampshire Black Bear
New Hampshire Horseback Riding mountains
New Hampshire Horseback Riding fun
New Hampshire things to do
New Hampshire outdoor activities
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New Hampshire is for nature lovers

Much of New Hampshire is protected and allowed to be as it will, so trees and animals can grow and roam free as they were meant to. There is so much to do surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of New Hampshire, such as:

Hiking through gorgeous trails in protected woods, mountain biking through mountains and rugged terrain, kayaking on the most beautiful rivers, ATV riding, sunbathing and swimming at lakes and beaches and waterfalls, surfing in beautiful waters, fishing in sparkling rivers, and dining and drinking– the food was pretty darned delicious, and our favorite restaurant was called Bailiwicks on Main Street in Littleton (rated one of the top ten Main Streets in the country).

And what about those rainy days? There is a lot to do indoors in New Hampshire too, like visit the McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center in Concord, the state capital. The Discovery Center is a fun and interactive science center that kids love, with planetarium shows offered throughout the day.

New Hampshire MaAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center Concord
New Hampshire MaAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center Concord science museum
New Hampshire Discovery Center Concord

Portsmouth was a few hours from our resort, and there now resides the USS Albacore, a Second World War submarine which is now on land. There is quite a story about how they got the Albacore to where it is now- streets had to be blocked, land had to be flooded, etc. If you want to learn more about submarines and what life is like on one, the Albacore is a good place to visit when you come to New Hampshire, and the seafood in the area is terrific.

Story Land and Santa’s Village are other popular locations, but when the summer days of New Hampshire are so beautiful outside, who really wants to stay indoors unless you have to?

Live Free or Die

The state motto of New Hampshire says it all, and when every day offers so much adventure, free is the only way to live. Are you ready to Get Inspired and find your next adventure? Then pack up the family and visit Live Free in NH!

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New Hampshire is for Nature Lovers
New Hampshire Family Vacation Review

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