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Izea Anywhere- Make Money On The Go With iPhone App

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Bloggers know IZEA is one of the best networks to work with, and now iPhone users can connect with IZEA anytime, from their phone- the new IZEA iOS app for the iPhone just launched!

Whether you are waiting on line at the market, at jury duty, getting a pedicure, in a waiting room, or drifting along on a boat, you can still browse, bid, and negotiate on IZEA campaigns. It’s easy to navigate the options of the fully functional dashboard in the IZEA iPhone app, and work on whatever you selected. You can write your posts in the dashboard and even cash out, all from your iPhone!

The IZEA iPhone app is easy to use

izea app dashboard

You can Vine, tweet, or post your Instagram photo through the app … everything you would do on your computer can be done on your iPhone.

(Android app is on the way!)

Are you part of the IZEA team?

If you are active online, with a blog or social following, you can be making money with IZEA. If you aren’t part of the IZEA team yet, it’s time to join, because now you can also make money on the go, living life as you are now.

The very easy to use platform shows you opportunities that you can bid on (offer your rate for a sponsored post or share), or offers from brands that you can respond to or negotiate. You can create your post right in the dashboard, on your computer and now even on your iPhone, and you won’t feel chained to your desk just to get your sponsored work done.

IZEA values creators and influencers, and can connent you to brands you love. Love to cook, write, craft, photograph? IZEA loves that about you and wants to help you get compensated for your talents and influence. And payout for your work is just 30 days after your post, available to be withdraw to PayPal (through the new app too).

Live life to blog about it

You don’t have anything to write about if you don’t live life, and bloggers know that getting out and doing things is what inspires posts, and inspires readers.

izea on phone outdoors

With IZEA’s new iPhone app, you can still keep up with sponsored campaigns, without feeling stuck at home in front of a computer to get work done. You can IZEA on the go!

Your new office? The world.

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