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What I Watched, Am Watching, and Will Watch On Netflix #StreamTeam

Netflix Streaming is our family relaxation time, and now that our routines are smoother and the boys are older, I find myself with more free time. For the first time in years I can sit and watch tv shows and movies again, and Blue Bloods is my current binge-watching show on Netflix. I find it riveting, good tv that reminds us about family values and making touch choices on the job, and I love the Sunday Reagan dinners. I actually adopted the tradition after watching the show, and can’t wait for more seasons!

blue bloods family dinner

I recently finished watching Better Call Saul- Season 1 on Netflix. Wow! Talk about withdrawal, I want more now!!!! Saul Goodman from the hit show Breaking Bad started somewhere, and this show shows how Jimmy McGill evolved into the fast-talking dude we all love and cheer for. This is easily my favorite new show from 2015, and my husband and I are addicted. Favorites from Breaking Bad make cameos, and the smart writing and believable action is just as razor sharp. I can’t wait for Season 2 of Better Call Saul, but since I don’t have a choice, I’m taking a zen attitude about it. It’s “S’all Good, man!”

better call saul netflix

Fuller House – Netflix Original Series

On February 26th, Fuller House is hitting Netflix. I loved Full House, and I’m a fan of what I’ve seen Candace Cameron Bure up to these days. I recently watched the first few episodes as a Netflix stream team member, and am planning to watch religiously. Since it’s family friendly, I’ll be watching with my boys. The premise is widowed DJ is now raising her own children with the help of her sister and best friend (remember Gibbler? The original cast all reprise their roles!). If you can’t wait, I don’t blame you… it’s funny!

fuller house netflix original series

I can’t give spoilers, but I can tell you there is a sardonic nod to the missing sister(s) who now runs a fashion empire in New York, as well as amusing acknowledgements of other pop culture happenings, and it’s going to be a great show for adults to. I can’t wait for more!!

The best TV programming is on Netflix, and if you aren’t streaming, you are missing out. You can find more family shows here to watch with the family, and more great shows with Super Moms here. Remember to check out Fuller House starting this week, on the 26th!