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Blue Apron Delivers Chef-Designed Fresh Meals To Your Home

Homemade meals sometimes seem like a luxury, especially in busy home where both parents work or have kids and full lives. I feel guilty resorting to fast food to help in a pinch, and recently learning about a new way to save time and get home cooked meals on the table: Blue Apron. And these meals are restaurant quality, which is no surprise since the recipes are designed by chefs.

Blue Apron is a fresh meal delivery service that brings everything you need for a recipes- right down to each ingredient pre-measured and well-packaged- to your front door in a cold pack that stays fresh until you unpack it and put everything away. Unpacking is an event that whets your appetite as you see all the ingredients being taken out, and imagining enjoying it after you cook it up.

blue apron-2
blue apron-4

The recipes for each meal is includes, along with tips and other useful informtion, and in a sense, Blue Apron is the start of a healthier relationship with food. I started to become more interested in what I was bringing into my home for my family to eat, and reading through the packets inspired me to focus on better choices. And there are lots of veggies and spices here- health and taste are a priority!

blue apron
blue apron-6
blue apron-5

Choose meals your family will love

Blue Apron gives the option to choose your meals from their weekly menu, and to skip weeks if you know you won’t be home, or just don’t find the options that week to your taste. The variety is surprising, and while they cater to specific dietary needs, the fact that everything is provided in the most basic ingredients allowed me to also make tweaks as needed (for example, if I didn’t want carbs one day, I just didn’t cook the potatoes Blue Apron sent me for a particular meal, and saved them to make baked potates for the boys another day).

There is a lot of flexibility, and I feel like I’m cooking a home cooked meal for my family- because I am. The only thing I’m not doing is shopping and measuring, so it’s a big time saver, and the ingredients are all very fresh and wonderful.

blue apron-3

blue apron-8

Flexible meal plans

There are two plan options, a 2-Person Plan (which we tried since our kids are way too picky for adult food) and the Family Plan. With our 2-Person Plan, we get a weekly delivery of three meals that serve two people each a full dinner. The family plan serves four people and can be delivered up to twice a week, with two family-sized dinners per delivery.

My first week, I enjoyed these meals:

blue apron 2 person menu plan
and was absolutely delighted to see great quality in everything sent to us to prepare these, from seasonal foods such as fish that are sustainably sourced, to farm-source produce, and Blue Apron encourages the chef in all of us as we chop, slice, and cook for our own families.

I usually fall back on the same couple of recipes that are familiar and easy, and my family gets tired of it, so this is a great way to mix it up and serve your family wholesome new recipes. And the cuisines are from everywhere! Thai, Mexican, Greek, it’s all here and very, very yummy. A reliable way to have good ingredients in your refrigerator and amazing recipes waiting to be prepared in your own kitchen is here, and Blue Apron offers how-to videos with cooking tips and techniques tailored to the individual recipes, which helps me become a better cook in general!

Here are the Beef arepas we made the next night:

blue apron beef arepas-2
blue apron beef arepas ingredients
blue apron beef arepas ingredients-2
blue apron beef arepas ingredients-3

beef arepas with pickled onion avocado radishes

Yes, that does look very yummy!

Blue Apron delivers fresh, ready to cook meals to your door weekly

Ready to try? Click here to learn more and to sign up to try Blue Apron!