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Turn Your Home Into A Theater

I love to take pictures and video of my family, and I love to share them, and I recently learned about the Epson Home Cinema 11400 Ultra bright home theater projector which would allow me to share our favorite family vacation movies and great-moments-in-kid-sports videos with our biggest fans- the grandparents, cousins, and friends. And since I’m also known as the queen of the viewing party (Bachelor fans know what I mean), the Epson Home Cinema 1440 projector would be the highlight of the fun.


Around the holidays especially, we love to host parties and gather everyone together to catch up and have a good time. We enjoy reminiscing with each other through pictures and video, and we also just love a good movie and love to spend evenings together watching, so whatever your pleasure, the Epson Ultra bright home theater projector can become the focal point of your home entertaining and movie/sports parties!

Your house is where the party is at!

Rewatch great moments in sports, funny family moments, a favorite movie- your home can become the best home theater in town ♥︎ And when you gather everyone together for those big moments on tv, the Epson Home Cinema 1440 projector will make them epic.

And the Epson Ultra bright home theater projector makes entertainment big, with 4400 lumens of Color Brightness providing rich beautiful Full HD images up to 300”, even in large, well-lit spaces. You can use it anywhere- think date night outdoors in the backyard, family reunions, picnics and neighborhood block parties. You can bring the big screen with you to any room in the house, and because it’s lightweight and portable with a built-in speaker, you don’t need to drag along anything heavy or any extra accessories.

Big screen, little work

The Epson Home Cinema 1440 projector has dual HDMI ports to connect your TV/Satellite Box and gaming console, and even plug in a streaming device to turn your favorite series into a blockbuster event, so next time a favorite series is coming to an end and you’re hosting a viewing party, you’ll feel like part of the action as you watch. With crisp 1080p resolution and 3LCD, 3-chip technology, the Epson Home Cinema 1440 projector makes it easy to watch movies and games in vivid detail on the big screen, making great moments in cinema more real.

If you are tech savvy and use lots of different media, HDMI and MHL inputs let you connect a variety of media and streaming devices so you can still have all your options. It’s a great way to watch your favorite sports and movies.


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