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Our New Dining Room ♥︎

I have partnered with Raymour & Flanigan and received product in exchange for this post. All expressed opinions are 100% my own.

Our dining room is a central hub of our home, the meeting point we come to every day to eat together as a family, work on homework and projects, or have coffee with friends. It is important to me that the dining room exude a vibe of comfort and welcoming, so anyone who gathers around my dining room table can relax, and stay as long as they want!

My previous dining room set was an inherited set that was very ornate, too fancy for our mid-sized home. After we moved into our new home, I wanted to feel like everything was truly ours, and truly us. I was so happy to partner with Raymour & Flanigan to finally pick out the dining room of my dreams, and now feel like everything in my house gives off good vibes, and serves my family well.

I fell in love with the Kasari 7 Piece Dining Room set, because I could picture my family sitting around it, along with other family and friends we invite into our home.

I loved the warmth and softness of the Ashton blue area rug some time ago and had been waiting to update the dining room to finally be able to use it, so with the new Kasari dining table and chairs, and the Kasari server, it’s a completely new look for our dining room… I love the blues and browns together, and wood combined with afdsf, and the carvings alongside simple lines. It’s the perfect dining room for my family.

Every day dinners and family time

Our dining room is the room we eat our family meals together. It’s also the room we come to when we have guests over for coffee, have talks, and the room the boys unload in when they come home from school. The dining room table is there they do their homework and play games.

The gorgeous oak wood table is sturdy, with a sealed grain for texture that is easy to clean up. It has a leaf that extends it from its size of 78″ x 48″ to 96″ by 48″, and rounded, carved corners that are safe for families with children.

This is also the table where my younger son recently wrote “I love you” for the first time ♥︎ (he’s four)

Holiday gatherings

This time of year we love to read together, share hot chocolates, and make crafts. The boys love to create things, so we spend a lot of time coloring, cutting, glueing, making crafts, and being silly and creative.

As the years go by

My children are getting older, and a tradition of family dinners, years of memories enjoying family meals in a beautiful dining room, are all things I hope they always keep with them. Because I plan to have many friends over throughout the years, a server to place foods buffet style was a perfect choice. There are shelves for china and crystal, silverware, and liquor… very functional for my family’s needs so the boys can learn to set the table and serve themselves as well.

The Kasari server has six shelves and four felt lined drawers, brass hardware, and wire mesh covered glass. A bit rustic while at the same time trendy, and the molding on the feet are so pretty. The drawers fully extend and there is so much storage space.

The chairs are very trendy and elegant- a mix of a soft blue-grey upholstery and oak with a scroll design. I especially love it because I always plan ahead, and should the day come they all need to be replaced and these are not available, I can purchase a different set of six upholstered dining chairs from Raymour & Flanigan without worries. With three messy men, I expect that at some point some will need to be replaced, but I just couldn’t resist the beauty of the nailhead trimmed upholstery, or the carved woodwork backs.

My sons fight over the completely upholstered dining chairs. They are more like family room accent chairs because they are so pretty and richly padded, and my older son calls it “the best seat in the house”.

Family dinners, holidays, and more in a cozy, beautiful, comfortable dining room that feels like a living room. This Christmas, our new dining room set was the center of a big family get-together ♥︎

We are looking forward to many years gathered around the dining room together, celebrating milestones and happy times, as well as just relaxing together as a family for quiet evenings together.

We eventually plan to add the Bellamy bench to the room as well, because they are a wonderful idea for families with children- just scoot them all together on the bench! You can find the Kasari Dining Set, as well as many other beautiful sets to enhance family holidays and make every day meals more wonderful, at Raymour & Flanigan.