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‘I Lost My First Lost Tooth’ Party- Celebrating Life’s Rich Moments

I’d like to thank RITZ for sponsoring this post.

Our son recently lost his first tooth, and it was a long-awaited moment in the Guzman household. Mainly because, as he dramatically announced one day last spring, all his friends already lost a few teeth and he still hasn’t lost even one!

His bottom left tooth shook teasingly back and forth for almost six weeks, with the new tooth almost fully grown in behind it, before finally surrendering it’s grasp. What followed was a long, exuberant happy dance by an excited six year old.

lost tooth
RITZ party fun-5
lost tooth

It was a cause for celebration- our son lost his first tooth! His excitement over what many would consider a mundane event in a child’s life was a chance for us to commemorate the fact he’s growing up, and we are lucky to share in his sweet and innocent joy over this grand event.

We decided to throw a small family party, marking his milestone in a way he’ll remember, and making him feel very special…with treats and silliness! These boys really ham it up ♥︎

lost tooth party
lost tooth party-3
lost tooth party-5
RITZ party fun

‘I lost my first tooth!’ treats

A party needs tasty party munchies, so we threw an “I lost my first tooth!” party with missing tooth party food made with RITZ crackers, tomato slices, mozzarella, and hummus. Here is how we created them:

Ritz missing tooth snacks-3

RITZ crackers
Pearl tomatoes
Mozzarella cheese
Gourmet marker

Lost Tooth RITZ Party-2

1. Lay out a golden base or RITZ crackers for each bite (about two per child). Add a small dab of hummus onto each to hold remaining ingredients.
2. Take each tomato and slice off stem, then slice mouth shape on one side of each (adults only). Place each “mouth” onto a RITZ cracker.
3. Slice a small strip of mozzarella for the teeth in each mouth, and place inside tomato mouths (use hummus to hold in place if they slide around).
4. Give each kid a gourmet marker and let them draw in their missing teeth!

Lost Tooth RITZ Party treats

Celebrate life’s rich moments

The best way to enjoy life’s rich moments is to make time to celebrate them all, big and small. We don’t need to wait for Christmas or a perfect report card to have a reason to celebrate. We create memories daily, honoring all the small events that build up the history of our family, and mean so much to our boys.

We wrapped up our party with a small “preparing for the tooth fairy” ceremony, starting with reading a bedtime story about a tooth fairy visit. This was followed by my son then placing his tooth under his pillow in a small cloth bag, so it doesn’t get lost if he tosses and turns- then how will the tooth fairy find it? He awoke the next morning with a crisp $10 bill, because everyone knows the tooth fairy pays more for teeth from children who brush their teeth twice a day.

lost tooth-3

My sons love RITZ because they are so delicious, and they add to the richness of our lives by enhancing fun, tasty treats and helping us celebrate the moments that matter in more creative ways. RITZ has been part of the lives of families since 1934, and is part of our favorite moments too.

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