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Find Your Dream Car and Auto Financing Options In One Place

This is a partnered post with Capital One.

Last year we bought a new car, and it happened in the midst of major home renovations. As a result, it was the first time I needed auto financing, and I didn’t know where to start when it came to finding the right car for my young family, or to learn about car financing. I sort of had to wing it and hope for the best.

Luckily we found the right vehicle for our changing family needs, and it has already taken us on three fabulous road trips, conquered some rough New York winter weather, and is spacious enough to store groceries, hockey gear, and extra friends in a third row. It was a major lifestyle upgrade over my old sedan and a good fit for my family, and now we actually have a vehicle that serves a busy, active family well.

penelope in kia sorento

We were lucky, because I don’t really like leaving things to chance, and really wanted to find a resource that would help me research my car options and my options for auto financing. I didn’t like feeling as though I was grasping at whatever was placed in front of me in hopes I was getting good information.

Time for an upgrade!

Now my husband is ready for a new car, an upgrade from his current sporty car to one that is roomier and more family-friendly too. He needs a vehicle that is ready to take us on lots more fun road trips and family adventures, and maybe offer some entertainment options for two kiddos in the back seat.

We are going to be to financing our new investment, and this time we have a little more time to research. We learned about Capital One’s Auto Navigator® site, a resource for everything from making it really easy to search local dealerships’ inventory for the make, model, and price that we want to finding out if we prequalify for auto financing.

And it’s sooo easy to use!!! With simple click navigation and the ability to prequalify and search for vehicles and financing on one page, it doesn’t get easier. Find out in minutes if you prequalify for auto financing…


Search for your dream car locally…


And find out in advance what to expect for monthly payments based on how much you plan to finance and your preferred term length…


Capital One is a trusted lender to many, and want to help lessen the stress and confusion of car shopping, because car buying can and should be fun. Control is put back in your hands with the Capital One Auto Navigator®’s one-stop-shop site, making it easy to find your dream car right in your own home or on your mobile device, and giving you the option to “test drive” different options of term length, price and vehicles. It has a database of over 12,000 dealerships and lets you search by make, model, price, and more, so your dream car could be in your garage in no time.

We can make a better choice

We love our new SUV, and we feel pretty darned sure we are going to love our new family sedan as well. We researched it and feel confident we are making the best choice- and we are grateful for the help we get from Capital One’s Auto Navigator® site. It’s empowering to feel like we can make a better choice, one that serves our needs as a family and allows us to find our perfect vehicle and financing in one spot.

kia forte 2014 backseat

Shopping for a new car? Get your dream car and get the best financing for you. Plan ahead and check out Capital One’s Auto Navigator®. There is no reason to feel lost about your options- make the best choices for your family!

Visit Capital One’s Auto Navigator® for more information and to get started today.