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Bike Rides + Scooters

Spring has finally arrived here in New York. I think. The weather seems to be on a delayed scheduled, with winter weather not hitting us until the end of January, and the spring very, very tentatively dipping its toe in the pond. We had some warm days that reached 80 degrees, and forecasts of days ahead in the 70s, but alas, it was all a fluke. Those anticipated warm spring days never transpired.

Mother’s Day ended up being lovely, and maybe (finally?) the real beginning of spring for us here on the northeast coast. I had a great day with my boys, after a morning breakfast at a local restaurant (thanks to hubby). My best friend threw a party and our boys played together outside for hours. They rode borrowed scooters and a bike with training wheels, and I realized it was time I bought them each a real bike of their own.

spring is here 2016-6

spring is here 2016-13

spring is here 2016-8

spring is here 2016

My dear friend’s daughter is such an angel, and loved watching the boys play. For some reason I didn’t get the birthday boy in any of these shots, but he was close by playing as well. He and my son go to the same day school for first grade and the same Sunday School, so it’s a great friendship.

spring is here 2016-11

spring is here 2016-3

spring is here 2016-14

spring is here 2016-5

spring is here 2016-12

First time ever on a bike with pedals:

spring is here 2016-4

spring is here 2016-17

spring is here 2016-15

spring is here 2016-18

spring is here 2016-7

They made my Mother’s Day awesome. They are the reason I am a mom, and I feel so lucky to have such wonderful, sweet, funny little boys ♥︎

Once we finish a couple projects we are in the middle of, our next project is family bikes! (Hubby and I decided to buy ourselves bicycles too). Days of riding around together as a family, seeing our neighborhood, using our cars less (I’ve driven to mail a letter just a few blocks away- a bike would get it done fast too, and I’d be carbon footprinting less and working out my legs in the process!). I would love to get the fresh air, exercise, and relaxation that comes along with riding a bike- have been wanting to for a long time now- so am finally going to get myself a grown up bike too!