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Our Bedroom Oasis ♥︎ A Master Bedroom Makeover

According to Feng Shui, the master bedroom is the heart of the home, and ours…. was just boring. I had the same simple brown furniture I owned since I was single and in my own apartment- very utilitarian, and lacking in beauty, romance, and elegance. A master bedroom shouldn’t be brown.

Too, the storage wasn’t that great. A rather useless velvet-lined top drawer that was too shallow to allow a view of the back half of the drawer, three lower drawers that were too short, and nightstands with two small drawers each made it necessary for us to find other places to store our clothing and personal affects, instead of in the dressers and bureaus where they belonged.

We needed a change, both in aesthetic and function.

The Angelina

The Angelina bedroom set from Raymour and Flanigan is a Grecian-inspired queen bedroom set that stands out both for its lovely creamy white color and gorgeous moldings, to the deep roomy drawers and useful pull-out trays.

I love this bedroom set, ever since it first caught my eye, and it made our master bedroom into a truly dreamy oasis.


The beauty is in the details

The bed is the centerpiece of the room, and the architectural details around it just make it exceptional. The dentil trim, the beautiful moldings, the brightness of the color all add to an extraordinarily elegant bed that evokes an image of what a goddess would sleep in. The trim is laid around the bed’s headboard and footboard, as well as around the mirror, dresser, bureau, and nightstands.


The Angelina nightstand has so many features on its own that make it wonderful. In addition to the dentil trim and beautiful white color, it features large drawers and a top pull-out tray to act as a surface to put a book or coffee mug on in the morning. The drawers are roomy, we fit so much more in them now and were able to remove extra external storage that cluttered up the room (very bad feng shui).


We topped the nightstands with buffet lamps, because they are high to give us ample light while reading before bed, but narrow enough to not take over the entire surface of the nightstands. These are the Tuscan Bronze Buffet Lamps. The metal body is slender and finished in bronze (like the knobs of the furniture), and the lamp shades are made of a golden brocade patterned fabric that is thick and silky.


Bedroom Decor

Now that we repainted the bedroom walls to a shade of blue with hints of purple, and installed clean, hands-free window shades, the Angelina queen bedroom set can really stand out against it. With some sea-inspired decor in colors of turquoise, powder blue, and violet, there is a Mediterranean aura that makes the bedroom feel so relaxing.

The Ambia Aqua Shimmer Mosaic Candleholders come in a set of three, in various sizes, and are made of mosaic glass that sparkles, shines, and reflects while adding a touch of colors reminiscent of the aurora borealis.


The Irises and Grass in a Glass Vase is such a rich violet and stands out beatifully on the dresser, complementing the candle holders and the lavender undertones of our walls.


I love throw pillows, especially when they add extra warmth and coziness and fit in with the overall style of the room. I found a pair of gorgeous, soft throw pillows at Raymour & Flanigan that feature textured velvet appliques of flowers in shades of blue, and they often offer new styles every season so I check back from time to time to get some more for other rooms as well.


What do you think of our bedroom makeover? It’s a true bedroom oasis ♥︎


Does your bedroom need some new life breathed into it, some light and freshness too? Check out Raymour & Flanigan’s bedroom collection (and I find imitation flattering, so definitely take a look at the stunning Angelina bedroom set).

I have partnered with Raymour & Flanigan and received product in exchange for this post. All expressed opinions are 100% my own.