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They’re Back In School ♥︎ Time For A Little Me-Time

So the boys are back in school! Phew, what a summer, and what an excitement-filled first week back. I think we covered all our bases and are ready to start a new year, with my older son in the second grade and my younger son in school full time.

They were excited to see their friends again, and I’m a little too excited about five days a week where I have over four hours of my own time. Back to school shopping had never been so anticipated 😉


My time once again

You know what I did the first day I sat alone in my kitchen, in a quiet house with so much to do, and free time for the first time to do it? I sat and enjoyed a cup of French Vanilla flavored coffee, and slowly breathed in, and out. Then I leisurely started my To Do list, which included all those things I’ve put off for almost three months that needed to be done around the house or for my job, and all those wonderful self-care activities that I’ve been craving but can’t do with two adorable bunchkins in tow, yet can’t wait to start doing again.


I’m looking forward to many more days of “me time” with my notebook, a cup of coffee, and a house filled with peace and quiet ♥︎

Here are some things I have on my personal To Do list this fall:

1. Read more, particularly to catch up on those magazines I’ve been saving for when I actually have free time, like my photography magazines and Boy’s Life (all about adventures and fun activities for boys). I need ideas for our weekends andvacations!

2. Go out at least once a week with girlfriends for lunch, or coffee, or to a spa- I miss my girl time! I miss pedicures too.

3. Kick it up with Tracy Anderson (to add to my daily walks) and add some muscle tone now that I’ve maintained my goal weight for so long.

4. Buy and learn to use a pro tablet, and start adding my own graphics to my posts! I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time, and now there are several tablets with stylus and keyboards on the market to research so this is going to be fun- my own touch to images.

5. Catch up on my photobooks for 2015 and 2016- this involves a lot of compiling and culling favorite pictures of the boys and organizing them into themed photobooks. I’ve been trying to do this every year and don’t want to fall behind.

Bring the flavor home

Relaxing with a cup of coffee is easily my favorite way to relax, and two coffee creamer flavors I’m excited to have join my at-home coffee house is International Delight Salted Caramel Mocha and International Delight Chocolate Hazelnut. I’ve had my eyes open but haven’t been able to find them yet, so am hoping to find them now that fall is approaching.

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It’s time to take a break and relax-join me!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of International Delight. The opinions and text are all mine.