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Take The Break To Him At Work

One of the most relaxing parts of each of my busy days is the ten minutes I sit and enjoy my International Delight Chai Tea Latte. It’s ready to go from the carton, so I just pour and enjoy without any work. I realized not only can I find ten minutes a day to take a break and recoup, but I deserved it.

My husband enjoys a glass of International Delight Chai Tea Latte or Iced Coffee each morning too, before he goes to work, because he really doesn’t have enough time to brew a pot while getting ready for work at 4 am (and during the summer, when I don’t have to get up and bring the boys to school, he’s letting me sleep in a bit and gets ready for work alone).

It probably doesn’t hurt that honestly, he loves the taste of International Delight Chai Tea Lattes much more than his brewed coffee anyway.

He’s been working really hard lately, on some really hot summer days, in a full uniform that is pretty heavy. I feel so bad for him, because he’s my guy, he takes care of me (and lets me sleep in), so I want to do the same for him. It occurred to me that he and his buddies could use a break during their tough days too. So what’s a good wife to do?

chai tea latte break

I pack up a beverage caddy with ice and his favorite flavors of International Delight ready-to-drink Chai Tea Lattes, some straws and cups, and head over to his job to give him and his pals a 10 minute break of their own. They love it, they feel energized and refreshed, and those hot days are more enjoyable with a break in the middle.

We can all use a 10 minute break sometimes!

chai tea latte break

Know someone who could use a break to sit and enjoy a delicious glass of International Delight Chai Tea Latte during a busy day? Bring it to them too! We love both International Delight Caramel and Vanilla flavors, and it also comes in three Iced Coffee flavors too: Mocha, Caramel Macchiato, and Vanilla…all ready-to-drink and delicious over ice!

While you are relaxing with your own cup (it’s great hot or cold), check out Take Back 10 for a fun diversion while you sit and recoup yourself, and sign up for the International Delight newsletter for recipes, games, fun, and more!

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