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Groupon Mother’s Day Gift Shop + Up To 20% Off Sitewide For Two Days

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Groupon. All opinions are 100% mine.

It’s almost Mother’s Day, and there are definitely things on my wish list that I’d love to get this year…and none of them come in a box. I’ve always been the type who loved having a great time with those that matter most to me, and the gift of fun experiences is my ideal way to spend Mother’s Day.

Groupon is a global leader of local commerce and the place all shoppers should start when they want to buy pretty much anything. Not only do I find great deals on things I want to have and do, but lately I’ve been finding valuable coupons on Groupon when I need to shop on another site, so begin all my shopping experiences from the same spot whenever I’m shopping for anything.

mother's day ideas

Welcome To The Mother’s Day Gift Shop

This year, Groupon opened up the Groupon’s Mother’s Day Gift Shop with many curated gifts ideas at unbeatable prices. No matter who the mom you are honoring is: your mother, mother-in-law, wife, grandmother, or even treating yourself, there will be something perfect…a gift for her home, to place around her neck, or for her to experience? You just have to pick!

I have a long shopping list for Mother’s Day this year, with so many great women in my life who are wonderful mothers, and I want to celebrate them all… I can’t think of a better way to spend the day together than by spending it together with all these wonderful people I’m lucky enough to have in my family’s life.

As for me?

Best Mother’s Day Gifts

1. Food! I love a good meal, particularly in good company, so dining out with friends and family would be the way to go when picking a Mother’s Day gift for me. Perusing the Groupon Local app on my phone, I see many of my favorite restaurants on there at great deals!

2. Pampering! I wouldn’t mind being the one who is spoiled and taken care of for a change, so #2 would be to enjoy a fun spa day with my sisters early in the day, so we look super pretty and feel super relaxed by dinner time.

3. Experiences! I’d love to spend an afternoon flying over beautiful parts of my state, sky diving, or learning to scuba…I’m all about learning and getting a good adrenaline pump going!

4. Getaways! I also wouldn’t mind another great getaway, after having the most amazing Manhattan getaway last summer thanks to Groupon Getaways.

5. Apparel! I really wouldn’t mind some pretty new things to wear, and I was surprised to find that Groupon carried gorgeous maxi dresses in the Mother’s Day Gift Shop that are totally my style, as well as really cute shoes at great prices. I can feel relaxed and look stylish as I head out to dinner with my family on Mother’s Day!

These are my top wishes for Mother’s Day this year.

Win A Year Of Pampering And Other Prizes!

Groupon has TWO awesome sweepstakes for their Mother’s Day Campaign that will include fantastic products and experiences, as well as amazing promo code discount offers during the Mother’s Day shopping span, for even greater deals!

The Mother’s Day $0 Deal for 1 Year’s Worth of Spa Days on Groupon gives the winner $1,200 Groupon Bucks to enjoy being pampered throughout the year, and all you have to do to enter is it buy on the $0 price!

Use the promo code “SALE3” on April 27th and 28th for up to 20% off sitewide on up to 3 local deals, goods items and getaway flash deals! That is up to an extra 20% off their already amazing prices.

No matter who you are honoring as a mother, Groupon’s Mother’s Day Gift Shop has something to make this Mother’s Day the best one yet.

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  • Christie

    I love taking advantage of the amazing deals on Groupon! I need to check out the local ideas for my mom, great idea!

  • A getaway would be a great gift. Groupon would make that so much easier.

  • Ann Bacciaglia

    Groupon is a great website.. I love looking on the site and finding hot deals.

  • Pam

    Spa days and getaways are my favorite gifts. Good food is up there too though.

  • Jeanine

    So many great ideas this year. I don’t have anyone to buy for but my husband and kiddos are always hunting for me! I never would think Groupon!

  • Chrysa

    I love when Groupon has these extra percentage off deals. Their prices are already so good and this makes them even better!

  • Amanda O.

    Personally, I would love some pampering. A massage sounds so good right now.

  • Veronica

    Mother’s day spa day sounds like something I would love to receive as a gift this year! I need to drop some serious hints

  • Rachel Ferrucci

    Groupon has great deals and I’m totally entering the contest because who wouldn’t love a bunch of spa treatments!!

  • There isn’t very much stuff that I need, so the idea of experiences really appeals to me. It sounds nice to have some time to myself but I end up missing my family when I’m off alone.