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The Rewards Of Traveling

I’m a millennial, that fabulous group otherwise known as Generation Y who are currently between the ages of 18 and 34. We are a very interesting group who are incredibly well versed in technology while also being hard working and civic minded. We think both locally and globally, and frankly, it’s a great generation to be a part of.

Generation X is now 35-49, and Baby Boomers are 50-67, but there is one thing we all pretty much have in common, and that is: we love to travel and would love to do more of it. The way we travel, though, and the reasons for it, can vary a great deal.

Marriott Rewards Credit Card from Chase is an expert when it comes to us millennial travelers, and recently conducted a nationwide survey on travel preferences among people 18-67 who stay in a hotel at least five nights a year, whether for business, fun, or both. It turns out that unlike other generations, we tend to travel with a purpose as 84% of millennials would travel abroad to participate in volunteer activities.  That purpose is personal fulfillment and adventure, or to volunteer to help in an area that needs some sort of aid.


We also like to travel in a different way…in style. Marriott Rewards Credit Card shares that millennials prefer trendy hotspots and areas with a booming culture more than older travelers. Millennials are also much more likely to visit  a destination if a movie was filmed there or by celebrity influence, or one that involves memorable activities and a fun nightlife. I totally agree with this!


Unlike my parents who visit the same place year after year after year to just hang around and do the same thing they do at home (eat and sleep), I love to change it up. I like to visit places that I saw featured somewhere, and if I’m traveling somewhere for work that looks amazing, I’ll be sure to extend my stay to enjoy a few extra days and see the area. I’ve swam with dolphins in Alaska, kayaked through rain forest rivers, shopped in the Grand Bazaar in Turkey and rode a camel by the pyramids in Egypt…who wouldn’t want to just absorb the amazingness of the whole world in every single area you  visit?

penelope guzman on a camel in egypt

I really love to travel, most people do (even my airplane-phobic husband is happy to hit the road for a change of scenery), and look forward to some great family vacations this year.

  • I’m not a millenial but it would be great to travel like one. Having rewards point to spend on each new destination would help a lot.

  • Catherine S

    This sounds like a great card. I would love to start traveling more. I need to plan my next trip.

  • Amber C.

    Looks like a blast! I haven’t been on travelling adventure in awhile! I’m over due for one!

  • Pam

    We love Marriot. My daughter and her husband stay at their properties a lot when they travel too.

  • Marcie W.

    I have so many destinations left to visit on my travel bucket list. A card with these types of rewards would certainly come in handy!

  • Rachel Ferrucci

    I travel a lot so a card with reward points is a must have, it’ll come in handy for business or pleasure traveling.

  • Tracey

    Travelling is my favourite thing to do. In fact, I’m off to Boston tomorrow. It is so important to experience the world!

  • Rachelle

    This sounds like an awesome card for anyone that loves to travel. I will have to look into getting one!

  • Catherine S

    I agree I could use a card with these rewards. I love to stay at Marriot hotels. They are always nice and clean.