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Just Get Out And Play!

This summer we made sure to get out every day and enjoy the sun and time off from school, and discovered that our boys are quite the little athletes. In past years they sort of sat on the sidelines and watched other kids play, having no interest in joining in, so this year we decided to get them some play items for the house. If their apprehension was out of shyness with the unfamiliar, well…now they can do it at home first.

Our sons had a great time in our backyard playing with various ride-on cars, scooters, and their new Little Tikes Adjust ‘n Jam Pro basketball hoop…perfectly sized for tots 3+ (and it grows with them).

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They discovered a love of shooting hoops (albeit not that high up, but it’s adjustable) and kicking a ball around that resulted in us signing them up for lessons and teams this fall…and they are so excited! I’m so glad we got it for our backyard and found a way to break them out of their shells…they want to play everything everywhere we go now!

Check out these and other great (and really affordable- $49.99!) toys and fun games from Little Tikes…the soccer set is awesome too!

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How are you getting out to play this year?

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  • Robin

    My boys are always outside and I love it. It makes me happy that they have no problem putting down the electronics to get outside.

  • Alicia

    We love Little Tikes products! I grew up playing on a Little Tikes playset myself.

  • Patty

    I love Little Tykes toys. They hold up to anything that kids can throw at them. Your kids are so cute.

  • Crystal

    What cuties! My kids had this basketball hoop when they were little and they always had such a blast.

  • Karen Coutu

    That’s such a great idea for breaking the boys out of their shells. Our children always loved Little Tikes toys when they were little! 😀

  • Christa

    They are adorable! It’s so fun watching them grow up and become more involved in sports. My son wasn’t too interested until he was about 3 1/2 and now he’s into a bunch of stuff. We really want to introduce him to basketball and soccer next so these would be perfect for him!

  • Sara P.

    We have an older version of that basketball hoop and it was SUCH a hit when my kids were smaller! We still have it, but my kids are too tall to use it. I want to find someone to pass it off to.