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Healthy Snacks For Kids on the GoGo

My family is enjoying healthy snacks as part of a sponsored series with GoGo squeeZ and Socialstars. #

Healthy snacks are the only thing allowed in this house, and so I keep a low snack pantry for my kids that is easy to reach and filled with healthy snack options. I also stock the lowest shelf in the fridge with more snacks so they can grab them whenever they want. I teach my kids to snack healthy, and model healthy eating, so they learn to make nutritious choices for themselves as well.

Of course, we keep it going when it’s time to pack back to school lunches!

back to school lunches

The perfect lunch box ideally contains something from each major food group, and especially contains foods with important vitamins and nutrients a child needs to be nourished and energized throughout the day.

How We Pack A Perfect School Lunch

1. A sandwich– offers meat, whole grains, and dairy (I usually make it with chicken breast or turkey and a slice of American cheese on whole wheat bread)
2. GoGo squeeZ– an applesauce pouch that provides a healthy fruit snack for kids, with an additional fruit depending on the flavor my sons want that day
3. Veggies– sliced into very small pieces for safety
4. A healthy beverage– my sons tend to like milk, fruit juice, or a bottle of water- I let them choose

go go squeez-2
go go squeez-3

Whether my kids are in school, or at home playing or working on their homework, we keep GoGo squeeZ nearby in their favorite flavors so they can just grab an applesauce pouch, twist off the cap, and enjoy. They are perfect for on the go so I always pop two into my purse before we head out anywhere. They can enjoy them in the car too.- it’s goodness on the go!

go go squeez-4
go go squeez-6

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  • tess

    Im looking at a GoGo right now. These are very handy to take along.

  • Rosey

    My 7 yr old likes these and my granddaughter who is 2 does too. I think they’re convenient for quality snacking.

  • Jeanine

    I’ve never bought these I don’t think. I will have to see if my kiddos like them. What a great idea for lunches! Especially for the smaller kiddos.

  • Christie

    I love the no mess option for kids. Love that yours are getting their daily fruit servings!

  • Chris

    What a great on-the-go snack for kids. I am sure moms can appreciate the no mess option.

  • Debbie L.

    I always bring GOGO on trips. Perfect mess free snack while in the car.

  • Cinny

    I love those little squeeze pouches! They’re so convenient.