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PackIt Up For Back To School Lunch

Back to school lunches on your mind? My sons both start school this year in a few weeks and I’m already planning healthy school lunches to send along with them.

Most children do not have lunch until about noon, and of course we want their lunches to stay fresh and tasty so they’ll actually eat it (and not go hungry all day because their lunch was warm and mushy). That’s why we are using PackIt lunch bags this year. PackIt lunch bags keep their school lunch, both food and beverages, zipped up, cool, and dry for up to ten hours.

Whether they have a late lunch, after school activities, or an all day school trip, you can be sure that the healthy lunch you send along with them will last as long as they do. And with PackIt, there are no separate ice packs, nothing extra you have to buy…it’s an all-in-one system with gel-lined walls and waterproof canvas that allows your kids to grab the handle and go…their yogurt stay cold, their veggies stay crisp, and the cheese on their sandwiches won’t become an icky mess.

This year my boys are taking these PackIt lunch bags to school (Monster and Camo print):

packit freezable lunch bag monster print
packit freezable lunch bag camo print

They are from the Freezable Lunch Bag line (their bestsellers) and perfect for tots, but if you also have older children in middle school or high school, the Freezable Carryall Lunch Bag shoulder bag would be a great and stylish option.

These stylish, freezable, keeps-lunch-fresh-and-crisp little wonders only retail for about $19.99 each. They have soft sides that allow them to fold flat from their full 10″ height down to 2″ for storage, and they fit much better into school bags than traditional harder lunch boxes. PackIt products are available at major retailers such as Target, Bed Bath & Beyond and Amazon, as well as PackIt.com.

  • Kiwi

    Well these look like fun lunch bags to have kids! I like the idea that it keeps your food fresh and unmushy!

  • Chrystal

    These are really cute! Kiddo need a lunchbox that is durable and going to last the year. Nothing bugs me more than a costly product, which doesn’t last.

  • Brandy

    This is a really cool concept, I love the style options too. Thanks for sharing, I so need to buy new lunch boxes for school!