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My Five Favorite Love Story Movies Ever #StreamTeam

I love movies, and if the storyline involves a romance, even better. There are the movies I watch again and again and can never get enough of, and was recently surprised to realize that four are all currently available to stream on demand on Netflix…so obviously I’ve been staying up late into the nights re-watching my favorite gems over and over.

Favorite Love Story Movies

My Top Five Favorite Movies

Love Story – One of my all time favorite movies. It’s about a young long between two people from different social worlds (a rich boy and a poor girl) who seem truly made for each other, despite all obstacles. It makes you ask questions like “What would you be willing to do and give up for the person you love?”…and also reminds me that a happy couple has fun together and loves each other’s company…it’s so inspirational.

Braveheart – Heart pumping adventure based on historical figures about a love that inspires a rebellion…when William Wallace’s love is murdered just to punish him, a country of men who are fed up at watching their families abused and tortured bravely fight for freedom.

Good Will Hunting – Friendship, love, redemption, and math…I don’t know why it works together so well here, but it does. This is a great, great, great movie, and I can’t help but get teary thinking about Robin Williams at his wonderful best…adore him!

Bridget Jones’ Diary – This movie is sooo funny, and I love seeing Bridget’s ups and downs shared through her humorous perspective. I also agree that good boys kiss better 😉 This movie rocks, a total chick flick that I can watch alone, with friends, or hubby…it’s a total go-to whenever I’m down.

50 First Days – Drew Barrymore is always appealingly sweet, and this movie about what a man will do for a woman he loves, even one who forgets he exists every night when she falls asleep, is super touching while being super funny. We need more romcoms like this!

So you’ll notice they are all romances, or the love story aspect is heavy in the movie…well, that’s me, I love a good Love Story and if you do to, you have to check these out!

  • Angela

    What a great list! I loved 50 first dates, that movie is just GREAT!