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A Fun Lunch, A Tasty Lunch, A Not Messy Lunch #BetterLunchInASnap

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Rubbermaid through their partnership with POPSUGAR. While I was compensated by POPSUGAR to write a post about LunchBlox, all opinions are my own.

Eating healthy is important to me, so when my sons go to school I make sure to pack them healthy lunches. I also try to make them fun so they want to eat them, and pack them so they stay fresh and tasty until lunchtime.

My sons love sandwiches, and I love that they allow me to put four healthy food groups in one food (grains, meat, dairy, and veggies). With a side of nuts and dried fruit, and maybe some cookies, it’s a well-balanced, healthy lunch to eat at school and help keep them energized and focused.

Healthy Bento Lunch Ideas

Opening up your lunch and finding a sandwich with a cool character is a treat too, so I find Bento lunch supplies and cookie cutters that let me be a little creative with his lunch… I want to be the cool mom who packs my kids a cool lunch 😉

bento lunch blox-2

It can be difficult to pack nutritious foods into containers without any mixing and spilling (little kids don’t want their foods to touch or mix together), and you may not want to wrap it all in aluminum or plastic, so Rubbermaid LunchBlox for kids are a perfect solution. You can snap the containers together, use just one or all, stack them, even snap-fit a Blue Ice® layer in between to keep the food cold if it needs to stay cold, and it’s all BPA Free.

Rubbermaid LunchBlox are leak proof (I LOVE that- no more accidental spills in their school bag) and give me the option of adding one or two separate sides to go along with their sandwich, or just pack one or two snacks alone for half-days when they don’t need a full lunch.

bento lunch blox-4
bento lunch blox-5
bento lunch blox-6

Do you pack an at-home lunch for your kids every day too? How do you make sure it’s both fun and stays tasty and fresh for them?


  • Robin

    My kids won’t be back in school for another two months, so I will tuck these ideas away until they’re back in school this fall 🙂

  • Kimmy

    We have those too and love them! They are so convenient! I don’t pack a lunch for my kids during the summer as I am home with them, but during the school year, I do! I always write notes and draw pictures on their napkins everyday! They love it and their teachers get a kick out of it!

  • Natalie Z

    Dealing with food allergies means lots of lunch box meals! These would be perfect for us!

  • Chrissie

    I love using LunchBlox for my son’s lunches! They are perfect for his snacking

  • Brandy

    For some reason, I think my sons would still find a way to make lunch messy, especially my youngest son! I so need containers like this though, it is exactly the idea I had in my mind regarding lunches when school starts up again.

  • Katie

    Love these! My daughters beg me to let them bring their lunch to school but I never seem to find the time!

  • Stefanie

    The bear sandwich is sooooo cute! I enjoy packing my daughter’s lunch.

  • Tracy

    No kiddos, but would those beauty supplies perfectly, like the bobby pins for my hair that constantly go missing or for ponytail holders! 🙂

  • Melissa

    Oh wow I really like these!! I could surely use them at home!