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Dinosaurs + Trucks = Dinotrux, The Next Hit Show For Kids From Dream Works #StreamTeam

Raise your hand if your primary source of television entertainment is Netflix.

(I’m betting there are a lot of raised hands.)

The fact is that Netflix is not only the best source of both wildly popular and old, even hard to find shows and movies anywhere, but it’s often streamable at any time of day or night without lagtime, the bother of navigating between each episode, and at a very fine price.

And then there is the fact that some of the best original programming is available on Netflix at no additional cost. My new favorite shows are all on Netflix, and the most recent Netflix Original program from kids (and Dream Works) combines two things that kids love…dinosaurs and trucks. Dinotrux. Yes, it’s brilliant.

My kids sit and watch with bowls of popcorn and looks of excitement, and cheer along- totally adorable! Dinotrux teaches kids about friendship and teamwork, so my older son is addicted because he’s at an age where friendship (and adventures) are his world. My younger son still loves his Curious George and Leap Frog, both of which are educational in addition to being fun, and shows I love love love to watch with him…and all are available on the same Netflix account at no additional cost.

We stream on different devices because we all watch Netflix here (I’m catching up on old episodes of That 70s Show and my husband is getting into Orange Is The New Black). I’m telling ya, being on the #StreamTeam is awesome, because Netflix is the best tv on tv…that is all.

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