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Do you have active kids? Me too. They love everything from soccer and baseball to ice skating and bowling. They want to try everything, and luckily have temperaments where they get along great with other kids, and with each other. They work together and cheer each other on, and they love to have me be part of it, watching them, and cheering them on.


My favorite part of it all? When they do something well, they look out into the audience for me, to meet my eyes and make sure I saw and am proud. Sometimes they’ll run over for a smooch and hug, while bouncing around in excitement.

And if they don’t do well, they look for me too, to give them a look that it’s ok. And it is, it always is. I will never love my sons for what they do, but who they are, and I’m just happy they are out there having fun. And I love that they know I’m there for them, whether they win or lose. My boys are tough little boys, but they have tender hearts, and I’m always here for them.

When we have soccer and softball games, us parents usually sit on the sidelines bbq’ing in preparation for the hungry kids who will soon come running our way to eat. We usually make hot dogs and burgers (particularly Ball Park hot dogs and flame grilled patties, a perfect choice to feed dozens of people at the baseball park). Ball Park recently launched a line of Ball Park Flame Grilled Jerky made from lean cuts of beef or pork grilled in an open flame, and they have a surprisingly tender texture despite being jerky. They are both tough and tender, like our tough and tender little athletes.


Ball Park Flame Grilled Jerky is seasoned in 5 different flavor combinations, all a good source of protein and gluten free. They come in Original Beef, Bourbon BBQ Beef, Peppered Beef, Barbecue Pork, and Teriyaki Pork. While all are dried to make it tough like a good jerky should be, the flame grilling makes in wonderfully tender too, a unique twist that sets it apart from other jerky. Ball Park Flame Grilled Jerky is also a good source of protein and has less sodium than other jerky, and no MSG. The packages are resealable, and they can be found in local stores, ready to grab and go when you need them for a day at the ball park with your little athletes.

Ball Park jerky

So tell me a #toughandtender moment where you’d love a bag of Jerky?

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