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We Know How We’ll Be Traveling #GoRVing @GoRVing

One of my life goals, at the top of my bucket list, is to travel to every state in the United States. From one side of this beautiful country to the other, the land is varied and beautiful and interesting, and so are the people, and so is the history…I just want to take it all in. I love this country.

As much as I love the US, my husband hates planes, so anywhere we go will be by road. He shares my travel goal, and he suggested early on that the best way to travel is by RV. After explaining his reasons, it seems pretty obvious to me that RVing is the best way for us to travel.

go rving

We are traveling as a family, with two little boys. We’ll each be hungry in turn, tired in turn, and want to use personal facilities in turn, and the best way to do it all, without taking a break every few hours as we drive, is to travel by RV, where we basically take our home with us. I can’t think of a better way to travel with kids and not go crazy, and the comfort and convenience of having our mini-home with us, so we can sleep in the same beds, not have to keep packing and repacking our luggage between hotels, etc, is awesome.

go with kids rving

Of course, if you have pets, more than “two kids up to age 12”, or anything else that is a hotel no-no, you have even more incentive to consider what is probably one of the best ways to travel across country. You know what else? You can take your bikes along if you like to take bike rides together. You can take everything you own and hit the road if you change your mind about where you are, or where you are heading. You can cook your own meals, in your own kitchen. You can pull up to a lake, go fishing, and cook your fish. Then nap.

It’s no surprise that more and more people want to Go RVing- we do too!

Learn more at GoRVing.com, including tips for what to bring, and what RV is right for you.

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Tell us what you love most about RVing or if you’ve ever wanted to try it! 

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  • I’d love to travel to all 50 states. An RV would be the way I’d want to do it, too.

  • Deborah .S

    I love a road trip I live in NY but never thought about using an RV took the kids on road trips in a SUV they love staying at hotels in Maine, NC,SC,PA,AND GA .As they got older and our schedule changed I just went by myself my first was to NO (2) NM,(3)Seattle and the best of them all was to Fairbanks Alaska .I have pass many people with RVS and wonder when they will get where they going of just seen them broke down on the highway mind you I was not in a hurry I was on vacation driving my SUV I think one day I might try it but not sure I might go to far with it. but good luck I have one more road trip to make this time to death valley maybe I will see you and beep the horn at you good luck .