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Little Link Baby Monitor- So Advanced It Can Alert You When Your Baby Is Moving Or Crying!

You can never feel too secure about your baby’s safety, especially when you can’t see them, so a baby monitor is a must have. The Little Link by LorexBaby is a portable baby monitor that lets you keep an eye on your child from your tablet or smart phone, so no matter where you are, you know your baby is safe.

The Little Link features high definition video streaming at 720p resolution, as well as night vision and two way audio (this comes in really handy- I speak to my sons while they play in their room with this), plus a three hour battery life (useful if you are out of the house). It’s really small so you can hide it anywhere if you don’t want your kids, or someone else, to notice it, and if you have to leave your baby in someone else’s care, or leave the room to go to another part of the house, you can keep an eye on your child.

baby monitor on iphone

To use the Little Link, install the free Lorex Baby Link app on your device and you are ready to start streaming. Because it’s HD, you can see the details of your bunchkin, and because you get your own individual code to input when you sign in, your stream is secure. Other great features include a built-in nightlight (but I don’t use this since any light keeps my boys awake), and the ability to take snapshots and video clips to share with others.


The absolute most amazing thing about the Little Link, which I never heard of in a baby monitor before, is the motion and sound alert so that when noises and movements take place, you are sent a notification. You decide whether you want to be alerted to any noise and sounds, or just those that are more significant, but this is an excellent way to keep eyes on your baby without having to stare at the monitor continuously.

There is a room temperature alert so you can be sure the room temperature is optimal, but I haven’t tried this out yet- it sound pretty thorough though! The Little Link makes an excellent babysitter for your kids when you just can’t be home, and retails for about $229.

The product featured here was sent for review. Opinions are 100% my own.

  • Now, that is a wonderful baby monitor, and the picture quality is phenomenal!

  • This looks like something I would use. I always want to know what’s going on with my little one.

  • An HD monitor that can be viewed from your phone AND is complete with motion and sound detection? Where was this just six short years ago?!