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It’s Always A Great Time To Treat Yourself #IdealSummerFun

This post brought to you by Ideal Image. All opinions are 100% mine.

My ideal image of summer is lazy days of fun watching my boys run around. Maybe swimming a bit together, going on picnics, playing in the park. Whatever we do, I love to be outside, enjoying the sun, and having fun. As long as I see a smile on their faces, and know we are making the most of these wonderful summer days, it’s a perfect summer for me.

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And of course, I want to look great while hanging out with my boys, or out with friends, on the beach, anywhere. I want to feel confident, so when I’m actually in that very rare photo with them (or out and about with them), I don’t want to worry about what I look like or whether I forgot to bleach, wax, or shave anything. I just want to have fun together.


Ideal Image wants to help make us ready for summer fun with 70% off Laser Hair Removal services, so you don’t have to spend time waxing and shaving or worrying about whether you have to wear a tee shirt instead of a tank top. Never worry again! You can look your best (and feel great) thanks to laser hair removal, and Ideal Image has the most highly trained providers in the industry.

Ideal Image Laser Hair Removal not only saves time (very convenient for busy people) and gives you more confidence about your appearance, but it’s a more permanent solution for hair removal so that convenience and confidence can last a long time. I was fortunate enough to realize how awesome that extra time would be for me and started laser hair removal treatments before I was pregnant for the first time…talk about a time-saver! I can’t imagine it’s fun shaving or waxing in your ninth month!

It’s always the right time to treat yourself to more confidence, more free time, and a better self image, and you can enjoy 70% off at Ideal Image. Would you like to learn more about Ideal Image? Click here to request more information.

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  • I’ve been wanting to try laser hair removal for some time. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  • I’ve been seriously thinking about laser hair removal because I hate shaving and waxing… I don’t know why I keep putting it off. 🙂

  • I would love to take advantage of laser hair removal. I don’t have a lot but it’s black and so you can see even the slightest stubble growing – it’s so irritating!

  • I’m adding this to my Christmas list!

  • I think it would be fantastic to get laser hair removal. It can be a pain to remember to shave or wax.

  • They are featured on the radio here all the time. I would love to have hair removal on my legs.

  • Laser hair removal is definitely on my wishlist!

  • I’ve always been interested in having this done. Maybe when we have some extra money that isn’t allocated for something else I’ll be able to.

  • Kathleen

    As I get older, I really think that laser hair removal is the way to go. My mom had it done a while back and swears by it.

  • That is a pretty nice discount!! I have been really debated on laser treatment, but I was afraid it would hurt!

  • Since I have dark hair, I think something like this would be incredibly helpful!!!

  • I’m too chicken to get a laser hair removal, I’d be afraid something might happen, like bad pain or something.

  • Penelope

    It can be painful (it’s a “no pain, no gain” scenario, but really worth it)

  • I’d love to get laser hair removal. I hate shaving every day.

  • I’ve never really thought of laser hair removal, I’m fine with just shaving, plus I’m not sure I’d want it.

  • I would love to do this someday. What a great discount offer. I wish I could do it right now.

  • I love the results of laser hair removal! I’ve been so impressed I’ve convinced my husband and father to do it as well!

  • I consider myself lucky when it comes to body hair, yet would still love to get laser hair removal in certain areas. Just the thought of not having to shave again brings a smile to my face.