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Inspired By The Stars

Amateur astronomers are what I’m raising, and possibly future astronauts and Starship Captains. My sons have developed an interest in the stars, so after sharing our Beginner’s Guide to Stargazing recently, and enjoying learning about constellations and planets together, I thought it would be wonderful to also encourage their creativity with arts and crafts and inspiration.

solar system moon crafts projects ideas

Recreate the Solar System

solar system project

Using a black poster board, construction paper, any coloring utensils and glitter, and a glue stick, recreate our beautiful solar system in all its incredible glory, while learning fun facts about the fun and planets, their moons, atmospheres, and more. It’s a longer term, creative, very fun project to do together while studying each celestial body you are crafting. My son is four so it’s not exactly to scale or in order, but I’m astounded he can name all the planets and tell me facts about each one.

Make Moon Dust Paint

Moon Dust Paint Recipe

If your children are crafty, they can paint with moon dust, a fun craft I found over on Learn Play Imagine…learn how to make your own moon dust paint with nothing more than some crushed black chalk, sparkly glitter, and a little water. Create moon dust paint and then create art, or even paint your furniture to look like the milky way!

Name A Celestial Body After Your Little Star


Since his interest has expanded so much, I commissioned a star for each of my sons through Name A Star Live, one in the Andromeda constellation and the other in Sagittarius. I thought they would get a kick out of knowing a star permanently bears each of their names. One day when they are astronauts they can each travel to the celestial body that is their namesake.

Learn The Moon Phases In A Delicious Way


Learn about the phases of the moon with an edible cookie project I found on 3 different directions (who did this project in honor of a Harvest Moon). While you teach your children the moon phases, research interesting trivia about our beautiful and mysterious moon…a chance to also teach your children how to learn more when they are curious.

Do you have astronomy related crafts you’d like to share? I’d love to discover some more to teach my sons, so please let me know!

  • This is such a cute craft idea! I don’t have any new ideas to share… but love yours. 🙂

  • My son and I did a project much similar to this about a month ago. He’s really into astronomy, too. 🙂

  • That has to be the tastiest way to learn the phases of the moon that I’ve ever seen!

  • What a create idea to learn about the moon. I love that they used an oreo cookie.

  • Oh I love the moon dust my daughter would love that.

  • My daughter would so love the moon dust, it’s something she’d really be into.

  • Wow, this is super dope! My son would love this!

  • It’s so sweet that you’re sharing the interests of your sons. I’m sure having you to explore with him makes it even more exciting.

  • I know we have done at least one astronomy craft but it was very simple and was from our worksheets. These look like fun! I wonder what my children could come up with on their own? They are pretty creative.

  • Thank you so much for including our Moon Phases lesson! I want to make the moon dust paint myself!

  • Penelope

    Thank YOU Tammy, we love it!