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If You Think All Diaper Pails Are The Same, You Got Another Stink Coming

Our diaper days aren’t over yet, but the worst part is. Our second little guy is starting to be potty trained, so while there is an accident here and there necessitating pull-ups and a diaper pail, we don’t have lots of stinky diapers piling up like we did when they were newborns. And boy were they stinky!

We started parenthood not really knowing what was important to have, and being inundated with a lot of products that weren’t really that helpful once we actually had them, but looking back, a dedicated diaper pail was definitely a must have. In addition to it being more sanitary to quarantine the poop to its own receptacle, it was easier on our nostrils (that thing only stayed in one spot of the house, away from the kitchen and general living areas). Luckily, the diaper pail has come a long way, even in just a few years.

diaper genie elite carbon filter

The Diaper Genie Elite Pail with Carbon is a better than any diaper pail we had before for this most significant reason: it contains the odors better. The receptacle mouth where the used diapers go in separated from the compartment where they are stored by a clamp that opens and closes along with the lid by way of the foot pedal, so you aren’t overwhelmed by hours of smoldering diaper odors. A carbon filter inside the lid helps absorb rogue odors that may have escaped the main storage compartment, and because you can size the bags how you want, you can toss it after a particularly offensive episode, reducing costs and the overall P.U. factor.

The Diaper Genie Elite Pail splits open in the middle to make it easy to tie up, remove, and toss the current stash of soiled diapers, and the foot pedal makes for hands free use (kind of a must have when your hands were just touching poop).

diaper genie carbon

We tried the Diaper Genie Elite Pail with Carbon with the Diaper Genie refills, which features seven layers for odor protection. Unlike refills from our past, they are used like you’d think they would be – just pull the bag out and through the center, and tie the bottom. For some reason, we had to do some manual acrobatics with a few brands… why would something like this need to be complicated? We also tried the Munchkin Nursery Fresh refills, even though I didn’t think you could use other brands (it says on it that it’s comparable). I’m glad it’s available if it’s the only thing in stock in a pinch, but I tend to prefer items specifically branded and made to work together, because they usually work together better. The Diaper Genie refills fit into the Diaper Genie Elite Pail better and it was easier to close the lid (and since I don’t want any odors seeping out, I prefer a better fit).

diaper genie refills

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  • I love the diaper pails they have today. They work much better than when my child was in diapers.

  • I’ve never had a diaper genie. I have a different brand.

  • I wish they made diaper pails like this when my munchkins were little.

  • After getting a stainless steal diaper pail for my daughter, I vowed to never get one again! I’d about pass out every night when I was changing the bags. The smell would also fumigate the room. This diaper pail sounds promising, though. 🙂

  • Diaper pails have come such a long way.

  • My sister is expecting so this will be perfect for her!!! Diapers can have a funk and it is great if this helps hide it!

  • This looks so much nicer than the old version I had when the boys were little. Nothing worse than a stinky diaper laying around.

  • I am so glad this is mostly over. My daughter just wears bedtime diapers now.

  • Ooh, diaper pails are getting fancy with those carbon filters! I’m glad the Diaper Genie refills are easier than other brands. Who needs more to fuss with when you’ve got stinky diapers to deal with?!

  • RAijean

    My friend just had a baby, I have to tell her about this.

  • Well I know what diaper pail I will be referring to my sister when she is ready for baby number two. It’s about time a true odor containing pail hit the market!

  • Wow, I should keep this in mind. I’m going to need this when baby arrives! =D

  • They certainly have come a long way. We got one as a baby gift when our daughter was born 18 years ago, I think Diaper Genie’s were pretty brand spanking new back then. It was always funny to take the ‘diaper sausage links’ out of the canister for garbage day though LOL!

  • This would have come in handy when my children were smaller.

  • Donna

    I would have so loved this diaper genie when my son was young.

  • I’ve always avoided one of these because I thought the smell would be overwhelming, so glad to see I was wrong! Looks like a must have!

  • It’s been a while since we had one of these. I’m sure they keep getting better.

  • I told my friend about this and she went out and purchased one, and she loves it.

  • I’d be inclined to buy the ones that are specifically made for it too. I’m all for controlling the stink!

  • It would have been nice to have diaper pails like this 25 years ago. We used to have to take the dirty diapers out to the trash right away.