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Christmas Bedtime Stories

I love reading my sons stories at bedtime. It’s a time of day I cherish, and they love snuggling together under the blanket and listening to me read. My older son is now old enough to start understanding what Christmas is about, he has caught the spirit of the upcoming holidays through the excited chatter of his school friends at his parochial school, so of course when he asks me to read him Christmas stories, I’m happy to oblige. I recently discovered the children’s book Belfry’s Christmas Gift from the Tales Of Little Overhill collection by Theo Presents, and it’s our newest addition to my sons’ growing library.

Belfry's Christmas Gift

Belfry’s Christmas Gift is a beautifully illustrated book with an engaging story that kept me as interested as it did my sons, and focuses on themes that are important to develop the character of children. I want my sons to value people, not things, and to see Christmas, in addition to being the time we celebrate the birth of Christ, as also a time to reconnect with others, cherish relationships, be kind, and focus on giving. The story develops into a wonderful tale of friendship and love, one that would actually be enjoyable all year long, and it’s now proudly displayed on their home library shelf along with their other favorite story books.

Belfry's Christmas Gift-2

I was not familiar with Theo Presents until I came across this book, and I was happy to see high quality, fun, entertaining faith based products with great lessons for children to enjoy, so this year I’m recommending Belfry’s Christmas Gift as a wonderful gift idea for children. If you’d like to learn more, visit Theo Presents.

  • The entire Theo series is done so well. Parents who are trying to teach their children faith fundamentals can be assured that the books and DVDs are well written and present the Bible accurately and the truth of it without compromise. I’m so glad your family likes this book! I bet they’d like the other products in the Theo Presents line as well.

  • My daughter is at the age where she wants to read to me. It’s sweet.

  • Such a cute series of books. It makes me long for the days when I red bedtime stories to my teen when he was a young boy.

  • I absolutely LOVE books such as this, ones that teach, over those that are just for fun.

  • Sounds like a great book for children! We love reading too.

  • rachel

    This looks like such a cute book. I need to get this to wrap for my 25 books for Christmas 😉

  • It looks like a very sweet story. I appreciate stories that allow us to have a meaningful conversations afterwards. This sounds like a great fit for our family.

  • I really like the character building this book supports. What a wonderful gift idea!

  • What a colorful book I love the photo. Sounds like it is a great book to whare with your children.