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Beginnings… Imagined

When your child is born, and even before, you imagine an entire lifetime for them. You dream that they will achieve total happiness and fulfillmen, with you cheering them on and supporting them. You build their imaginary life filled with love and friends, success and accomplishments, celebrations of wonderful milestones while the family bonds and rejoices.

You know the details may be filled in differently- maybe they’ll prefer softball to soccer- but you have hopes, and plans. When a child is born, these are their beginnings, imagined, and as they grow and fill in the blanks, you fall more in love with their budding personalities and unique traits. They can really become anything, and we will be there to help them achieve amazing things.


Playtex Mom Baby Trust supports parents, with information to help us navigate those early years with more patience and humor. They offer helpful tips, fun anecdotes, and reviews of their innovative products designed to really help parents and make their busy lives a little easier. And because they cherish babies, they are offering a giveaway of a custom illustration of a child you love by popular illustrator Julie Olson!

Win a Beautiful Custom Illustration of Your Child

A beautiful illustration of your child for you to keep, capturing their adorableness in a whimsical manner, complete with a caption that summarizes their little personalities…what a perfect piece of art to display in your home! One family can win daily, and have a sweet keepsake to cherish as their child grows older.

To enter to win, visit Beginnings Imagineda grand prize winner will also win a $5,000 scholarship to help your child achieve their dreams!

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