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We’re At This Stage

Tantrums, poutiness, exponential stubborness, rebellion, daring, extreme curiosity, and fan of the words “No!” and “You go away!”

terrible threes

He’s only three, folks, but acts like he’s going on 13. And he doesn’t want to share, either.

(and still, i utterly adore him)

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  • Ahhhh 3 year olds…so cute and so frustrating all at the same time, lol.

  • This sounds all too familiar – my 4 year old daughter is going through the same thing. Gotta love it because it’ll be gone before you know it.

  • Gorgeous photo Penelope and serious captures the “tantrum” perfectly. My little guy is starting to get into his 2-year-old phase. Sigh.

  • how could you not. Even with tears you want to give him a huge hug and make it all better.

  • Sounds like such an independent boy. I bet he’ll be a great leader when he gets older. He is so adorable.

  • Jennifer @ The Quirky Momma

    My two teenagers have that face, too. You love ’em no matter what, though. Pouty faces, rivers of tears, they are still gorgeous.

  • We still have bouts of that but it was an all-day, every-day issue for a little bit a few months ago. Hang in there mama!

  • So not a fun stage. I remember Zoe at 3 and wanted to hide haha. Thank goodness she grew out of it, because she cried 24/7. Such a sweet pouty photo.

  • Definitely normal behavior. I think they start to learn they have an opinion and they want to see how much they can use it.

  • He looks so cute when he’s bad.

  • Oh my! I’m think I’m an anomaly and my daughter never went through that stage when she was little. Now though at 17….ai yi yi! LOL. He is a cutie for sure though 🙂

  • Ah, the threenager. 3s are awful!

  • Awww, the terrible threes. Been there, done that 🙂 He’s still adorable.

  • Awwww.

  • Penelope

    That is awesome! He is a threenager!

  • My 7 y/o is definitely at that stage, lol.

  • Mellisa

    Oh yes, I remember this stage well.

  • Awwww, the tears….he looks so sad but still such a little cutie.

  • Oh boy, and let me tell you it only gets worse. My oldest just turned 13, and the moodiness is about to kill me.

  • Yep. Dealing with the same thing in my 3 year old.

  • Ah, the memories lol! It’ll be over before you know it!

  • 3 was such a hard hard year for us. I’m praying 4 gets better! He is so cute though!

  • Aww.. I’m in this same exact situation with my 3yo. She just told me yesterday that she wanted a new family because mommy broke her heart when I put her in time out.

  • If anyone can let me know when this stage ends, that would be great. My oldest is 9 and I am rather tired of waiting.

  • Penelope

    Oh my gosh! How do you respond to that, that would break my heart!

  • The first time I heard her say something similar to that, it completely broke my heart. I was in tears and my husband reminded me that she’s only 3 and doesn’t mean it. However, when she was upset with my husband, she scribbled a note, handed it to him and said, “That says you’re a mean daddy!”. He didn’t take it so well.

  • Angela S

    What a face! At age 3 my son went through quite a stage of temper tantrums.

  • My daughter is going through a similar stage at 5.

  • 3 is a tough age.

  • Then they stop and start this up again when they are tweens! I swear!

  • We are right in the thick of that too.

  • I remember that stage well, occasionally all mine still go through it haha

  • I can’t help but laugh because it’s so hard to take it seriously after the fact!

  • Oh dear. The closer Sweet T gets to her 3rd birthday the bossier and more dramatic she’s getting. We’re probably in for it!

  • Donna

    Ah, the photo breaks my heart, yet is is bad that I think it’s cute, too? LOL.

  • He is just too cute even crying.

  • We are there too! Not a happy moment for us!

  • I hope M doesn’t go through this phase. I’m not sure my heart could take it! I’m dreading the “I don’t love you”..