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Share Your Opinion- And Get Paid For It

This post brought to you by Opinion Outpost. All opinions are 100% mine.

You have opinions, and there are people who want to know it. Companies need feedback on services and products, and are willing to pay for it. Knowing what the people want, and having their finger on the pulse of today’s society, is how these companies succeed long term. I just learned of a site that connects companies to people willing to share their opinions: Opinion Outpost.

I’m often asked for ideas on ways to make money for stay at home moms. I always felt it was important to be home with my boys, because no one will take care of them as well as I do, but we definitely felt the pinch from the loss of one income. Since then, things have taken a wonderful turn, as I discovered ways to make money from home that more than made up for our lost income, and allow me to stay home, as the primary caretaker of my little ones.

Opinion Outpost is a site that will pay folks for their opinions. You provide a relevant product- your real opinions, your thoughts, your honest feedback- and this valuable information can make you money. It’s free to sign up, and pays via paypal about a month after you reach the cash out threshold (the minimum is only $5 before you can cash out). So if you have 20 minutes free here and there and don’t mind (or even enjoy) taking marketing research surveys, you can make a little side income, and be entered in sweeps, just for sharing your thoughts. Curious to learn more? I share more info in my video here and you can visit Opinion Outpost here:

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  • Before I started blogging, I did a ton of survey and marketing projects online and I didn’t do half bad with making a little extra income. I can’t remember if that was one I used or not though! It’s been a few years.