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Our Watch Dog- The Samsung Wi-Fi Video Baby Monitor

Everytime I hear about a parent catching a nanny or trusted person being not so loving with their child, one of the first things I think is “Thank goodness they had a video”. It’s amazing what options we have with today’s technology, and how far things have come. Baby monitors are something I’m not sure how parents ever lived without, because of the real sense of security they give us.

samsung wifi baby monitor

I was recently sent the Samsung Wi-Fi Video Baby Monitor to review, a baby monitor that uses Wi-Fi to let parents monitor their children while they sleep, or are in the care of someone else, from anywhere. You can watch them on your computer at work, on your iPad while you exercise, or on your iPhone while commuting, and see your baby in real time all the time.

That is security.

My son is past the age is SIDS worry, but for younger babies, being able to see your child breathing while sleeping provides a sense of peace for a parent in another room of the house, and knowing their caretaker is treating them like the treasures they are makes it easier to step away when you need to. Knowing when your child wakes up saves time so you don’t have to interrupt your chores to keep checking on your baby (or else feel guilty that he might be awake and crying alone), and for every reason a parent could have to want to be able to keep an eye on their baby, a baby monitor like the Samsung Wi-Fi Video Baby Monitor, which is virtually always with you, can satisfy it.

How does it work? You hook up the monitor to your home’s Wi-Fi (or use cables, the Wi-Fi is optional), input the registration code to activate the video, then place it where it can capture your baby on the monitor. It feeds into a site that you can connect to from anywhere, acting as a virtual watch dog. This is a product that will be useful long after your children are no longer babies, for a variety of reasons, and would make a great gift for a new parent because of how versatile and useful it is.

The Samsung Wi-Fi Video Baby Monitor is so teeny too, unlike those noisy, large monitors that were everywhere just a few short years ago. It can be propped anywhere and comes with hardware to permanently attach it in a location as well.

Do you use a baby monitor, and has it made you feel more secure about your child’s safety and well-being as well?

  • Baby Monitor!!! I always wanted a video baby monitor for the kids. I still want to pick one up

  • When my children were smaller, we did use baby monitors. Now we don’t but they really did come in handy.

  • Donna

    I didn’t use a monitor for my son. I’m not sure why… but I didn’t. 🙂

  • I wish they had this option when my kids were young. I would have had one in each of their rooms. Heck, I’m still tempted!

  • I didn’t know Samsung had baby monitors, but I bet it is nice since that’s a good brand. Right now, I don’t use a baby monitor.

  • My friends has been looking for one of these, I’ll be sure to tell her about it. Thanks!

  • Wish I would have had one of these!

  • We love our baby monitor, but this one looks so much more advanced!

  • The baby monitors have came a long way since I had my first child. They are a great way to feel more relaxed when your baby isn’t right next to you.

  • Now that we live in a bigger house than I’m accustomed to, I definitely want to get a video baby monitor before our 3rd one arrives.

  • We just got a wi-fi monitor & it’s amazing how things have changed since old school ones!

  • This sounds like such an awesome monitor!

  • Mellisa

    I never had a video monitor when my kids were babies. It would have been helpful!

  • I think this will give many parents some peace of mind when leaving their kids in the care of a nanny

  • I had a regular baby monitor for Noah. I think the video ones are cool though.

  • Heck I could use one of these for my 5 year old, never mind a baby. She really is good 99% of the time…it’s just that 1%….

  • I just had the sound monitors I wish I had a video one, they seem really great.

  • Oh this one sounds great. I did use baby monitors with both my children but they were just basic cheap ones you carry along with you. Nothing fancy like a wifi one.

  • Tammy

    There were no such thing as video monitors when our daughter was an infant, but because we had a home with three levels we did have a sound monitor in her room. It often interfered with our cordless phone though, which could be funny!