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Letter To My Son {April 2013}

To my dear little man,

A lot of changes in a month! You now feed yourself, walk around with confidence, challenge your older brother when he takes your toy, and repeat funny sounds and noises you hear around you. How did this happen so fast? Where did my little baby go? Who is the handsome little devil sitting in his place, looking up at me with those charmingly long lashes?

Time is passing by too quickly, but one day you’ll look back and read my memories of you, so I wanted to share:

1. how daring you are- you aren’t afraid of anything, and you don’t give up!
2. how smart you are- if I hide something from you, you know it, and go looking for it. You are starting to figure out how things work and testing things out.
3. how curious you are- you want to know what is inside every drawer, what happens when you press a button, everything is a source of wonder
4. how vocal you are- you only say three words, but you are sure expressive!
5. how much you love to dance- the sound of music anywhere, even the repeating beat of someone tapping a pen, makes you shake your booty and bounce up and down on your chubby legs.

I look forward to every day, but still feel sad as each day closes. It’s just happening all too fast.

I will always love you,


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  • I love this!

  • Brandy

    Aw he’s so adorable! I love the Superman shirt! It’s amazing how much they change and grow even with it being a months difference.

  • Such a sweet letter! My little Kaden isnt afraid of everything, either!

  • I bet he’ll just luv all the precious things his mommy thought about him

  • Such a sweet post!

  • I love the letters you write to your boys.

  • Kathy

    What a little cutie!

  • Mellisa

    This is the sweetest thing.

  • Leilani

    Such a sweet post and the pics are adorable.

  • Super sweet. He’s a cutie.

  • My daughter refuses to be fed anymore – she has to do everything herself. Independence is definitely key at this age. And the drop/pick up/drop game is her favorite at meal time. I think it’s one time I’m ready to pull my hair out.

  • How sweet is this? He is so cute!

  • Awww — my boys have that superman shirt — I love seeing it on them!

  • This is very sweet!

  • These posts always make me a little sad, because they remind me how fast my own boys are growing up. Your little one if getting so big!

  • Absolutely adore him! Such a sweet post!

  • He is such a sweetie!

  • Jennifer

    I miss having a little one that age! They are so much fun! Don’t get me wrong, my kids are a ton of fun, but I miss having a baby around.

  • I have a journel I try to write in for both my children.

  • Jenn

    Creative angle on that second shot.

  • Maryann

    those photos are wonderful!

  • He is getting so big!!