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The Jill-E Career Bag #Fashion #Photography

The perfect handbag should be two things, useful and beautiful. Of course useful depends on what your personal needs are, and beautiful depends on your taste. The Jill-E Career bag is an attractive, structured leather bag that would fit well into most wardrobes, and it’s definitely useful for the career gal.

jille career bag

The Jill-E Career Bag is leather and comes in four neutral color options. The one featured here is Starfish. It’s very well made and would fit a small laptop (up to 12 inches), any sized tablet, paperwork/files that a working girl may need for her job, and more. There are three main compartments, with the center compartment featuring spots for a phone, wallet, etc and it’s pretty roomy. The section for the tablet is padded for protection, and it’s adjustable. The side compartments make it easy to compartmentalize their use, so a mom can store some children books or diaper paraphernalia in one section, for example- it’s very versatile.

jille camera case-5

These days the three compartment style is basically something I seek out in handbags, because it totally separates your handbag into independant sections, and it’s incredibly useful. Jill-E makes a camera insert that fits into the center compartment of the Career Bag, so it could do double duty as a camera bag as well if your camera fits. It has a handle, shoulder strap, netted pockets inside the lid, a zippered outside pocket, and two removeable padded separators.

jille camera insert

I currently shoot with a Nikon D700, and it does not fit into the camera insert or Career bag unless I take the lens off and turn it sideways. Because I want my camera always ready at a moment’s notice, carrying my camera around without the lens on is not practical for me, so I couldn’t use the Jill-E career bag as a camera bag. If you have a smaller dSLR, a micro 4/3 camera or a point and shoot, both the bag and camera insert would be fine, so keep in mind that if your camera has a larger body, it probably will not fit with a lens on.

jille camera case-4

The verdict:
The Jill-e Career Bag is an excellent career bag for the woman on the go who needs to carry her tech gadgets with her. With the cross body strap and three compartments, it’s also great for busy work at home moms who need to carry a laptop to work on and an iPad to keep the kids busy at the same time, along with everything else they need for their children. It won’t be a camera bag for me on days I carry my full frame camera, but for anyone with a smaller camera it can do double duty as a camera bag too.

  • I do not like my camera bag and would love something stylish like this!

  • I tend to grab my point and shoot on a daily basis so that would fit in there quite nicely. I usually only take a DSLR when I have a purpose because it’s heavy!

  • Wow that is gorgeous, it looks like a purse over a camera bag, which is amazing!! Love how much room it appears to have too!!

  • I agree that it is a very nice bag — I like the professional look of it. The inside compartment for a phone is an added bonus, as I have a hard time finding mine in a larger bag.

  • I love this! It looks extremely professional, and it’s a great color!

  • Mellisa

    I LOVE that bag, I have a backpack that I carry my equipment in.

  • This bag is stunning and since I STILL have yet to make the DSLR plunge (by this spring without fail!) I could get a lot of use out of it. It seems like the perfect size for all of my necessities.

  • It is beautiful, yet professional looking! Very true to name.

  • Bummer that the camera can’t stay put together. If I’m going to carry a bag that big, I’d like my camera to stay in one piece. Looks good otherwise

  • I’m like you – it would be a great bag for when I carry a small point-and-shoot, but it wouldn’t really be practical when I’m walking around with my DSLR and want to have the camera ready for quick shots.

  • Panda

    Wow. I can not believe that’s a camera bag. I’m so getting one of these – so glam and fabulous!

  • Mickey

    Very cute! It’s nice looking and big enough for my stuff, but still professional looking.

  • What a gorgeous looking bag!

  • This bag is beautiful! I love how much you can put in it.

  • I love that the camera part is an insert, rather than built in. I received a camera bag as a gift once & my camera doesn’t fit into it, but the insert is sewn in so I just can’t use the bag really.

  • I like the style and color of this bag.

  • What a cute bag.

  • That is gorgeous! I don’t carry a bag often, but when I do, it is always a classic look like this.

  • I love the bag! I actually have a smaller camera so I should be okay, and I like the extra storage for baby things 🙂

  • What a great bag. I’ve actually heard great things about Jill-E bags. Thanks for sharing.

  • I love how everything is in order and easy to find with this bag!

  • Looks like a great, functional bag!

  • What a nice purse! I love how roomy it is and especially those compartments!

  • This is such a beautiful and versatile bag. Love the color that you chose too, goes nice with a lot of outfits.

  • I love that this fits a DSLR

  • Looks like you can organize all your goodies in that bag.

  • This looks like a great bag!

  • It looks like a great bag, but I definitely agree it is not big enough for most cameras.