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Don’t Fear The Cleanup. Get #EasyOff

I’m hosting Christmas this year, and I’m really excited about it. The only part I dread is the clean up after. Isn’t it the part we all dread? If everything was self cleaning, we’d all want to host parties all the time. So for now, I have the next best thing to self-cleaning, Easy-Off®, which is as close to self cleaning as it gets.

Easy-Off® comes as both Heavy Duty and Fume Free aerosol oven cleaners, so I picked up Heavy Duty because I cook a lot, and it gets messy around here (my poor stove top and oven takes a lot of abuse). I tend to make bubbly foods and beverages that may bubble over at their boiling points, and those spills caking onto my oven are not a good thing. Or attractive. And probably not safe either.

Easy-Off® Heavy Duty oven cleaner is specially formulated to tackle tough, baked-on grease and food spills, and works quickly, usually in five minutes. I sprayed it on, and left it while I threw a load of laundry into the washer, then returned to wipe off the spray.

(ugh, this is so mortifying)…here is the before and after:

easy off before and after

I’d say that looks pretty darned good.

Because of how easy it was to clean up with Easy-Off® Heavy Duty oven cleaner, it’s clear to me I can do this regularly, and in the future I will pick up the Easy-Off® Fume Free because the smell of the Heavy Duty is a bit strong for me (it’s too cold in the winter to keep windows open, so Fume Free seems like a better choice for the colder months). Easy-Off® Fume Free has a lemon scent and can be used daily to spot clean, and I love this idea- prevent a big job by spot cleaning as needed.

So don’t fear the cleanup, embrace it, because with Easy-Off® it’s a cinch.

How do you clean up those messy spills and baked on grease?

  • I usually just make a paste from baking soda and water, rub it on, wait a few hours, and rinse it off. It works pretty well, but if your oven is super dirty (and I’m not judging here – just making a comment :)) it probably won’t work for you. But you oven does look brand new, now, on the inside!

  • Ugh, my oven is terrible right now. All I use is Easy Off No Fume, it works awesome! And yes, I love hosting dinner for the holidays but clean-up no, not fun at all!

  • Donna

    Yes, I wish everything was self-cleaning. 🙂 I always used Easy Off. I am glad they have the no ume version, now.

  • I love Easy Off too and I generally just suck it up and use the regular one because it works better than Fume-Free. Both of them work, but Fume-Free just takes a little more elbow grease.

  • Penelope

    Someone else told me the same thing, which is why i thought the Heavy Duty would be good to start with, but frankly for the long haul, my lungs want fume free- I don’t mind exercising my arms a bit 😉

  • I love a product when it works REALLY well. I always keep Easy-Off around.

  • I actually use an oven liner on the bottom, it makes it so much simpler for messes that boil over. That being said, it doesn’t help with the sides, top or the door, LOL, so Easy Off is my rescue helper for that mess!

  • What an amazing difference! My oven is in desperate need of a good cleaning, and although it’s self cleaning, I would love to use Easy-Off on the inner racks and for a pre-clean wipe down.

  • OH WOW! That’s a crazy good job! It’s so clean. I need to go grab me some!

  • Wow that works so good. We need this for our oven desperately.

  • I’ll have to look into this, since the new ovens I have coming will have a lower temp cleaning system.

  • mickey

    I need this! Our oven is so hard to clean, but I’d love to try Easy Off and see how it does. Thanks!

  • Yeah, I need… about a case of this stuff. Even “easy” dishes I can’t seem to cook without something getting all over the oven or stove. 🙂

  • This reminds me, I need to get some. My oven needs to be cleaned.

  • Wow that works like it works wonders!! I am in need of this on my oven! I baked a pie and it overflowed and lets just say WHAT A MESS!!!

  • Wow, it makes a remarkable difference!

  • Mellisa

    My oven is in pretty bad shape! I am gonna pick some of this up to try out.

  • WOW what a difference! My oven is pretty clean right now but I need to pick this up for the next time I need to clean it.

  • I typically use baking soda and vinegar but that doesn’t always work

  • I need this. My oven could use a good scrubbing.

  • Wow! What a difference that makes!

  • That is a big difference looks like almost new! I hope your holiday dinner turns out well.

  • Your before and after are similar to mine.

  • I love the way Easy Off works. We use it all the time and you literally just have to wipe off the mess.

  • I’ve used Easy Off on my oven and it does work wonders!

  • I’m so jealous that your window came clean! Mine did not. 🙁 The rest of my oven looks good, though!

  • Penelope

    I wasn’t even sure you are supposed to use it on the window (I wasn’t sure if it would damage it) but it worked out well 🙂