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What Is Your Best Feature? #FightFatTalk

When women get together, the one thing that seems always be a topic of conversation is food and weight. Women tend to be self deprecating, and conversations revolve around commiserating with each other about how much weight we need to lose, how bad we think we look, or even how bad we think other women look. Fat Talk is negative, it’s contagious, and unfortunately, it can also be a barrier to successfully managing weight. So Special K is on a mission to help us “Fight Fat Talk“.

Special K conducted a recent survey that revealed over 90% of women engage in Fat Talk, 2 out of 3 women feel drawn to Fat Talk about themself when other women are doing so, and most do not feel compelled to change the subject when other women talk negatively about themselves.

stop the fat talk now

I’m not sure why any of us let anyone else tell us what beautiful is, or when we started thinking Fat Talk was ok. I remember being a kid with no sense of self consciousness, jumping around to pose happily for pictures and not worried about how I looked in my jeans or if I was turning my body for the best angle. When did we start to shy away from cameras, bathing suit shopping, and fun days at the beach because we were so concerned about what our thighs looked like?

Stop the Fat Talk

Tell me something beautiful about you. Go ahead and brag. The truth is, there is something beautiful about every woman, and every woman is somebody’s type. Maybe none of us are perfect, and everyone could improve something, but a negative self image isn’t going to help. The key to successfully managing weight goals is being positive. So stop the Fat Talk, and don’t tell me what you don’t like about yourself…tell me what you do like. And no negative talk allowed!

For your New Year’s resolution, while you try to stay healthy and look your best, resolve to stop being self critical and be kind to yourself. Special K teamed up with supermodel Tyra Banks to empower women to take a positive approach toward weight management. Special K offers a variety of delicious food options to help women with their weight management journey, and invites women to participate in the Special K Challenge to kick-start a weight-management plan in 2014 (www.SpecialK.com).

I’ll start. I have a nice smile and a great waistline. I had two kids and I think my waist looks pretty darned good anyway. And I’m not ashamed to flatter myself 🙂

Your turn!

What is your best physical feature?

positive self image

  • Mellisa

    I think my best physical feature is my legs. I used to hate them as a teen because their were so muscular but now I really appreciate them especially in heels 🙂

  • I do not fat talk, ever, I mean ever! The only thing I want is to feel good…This is what I teach my kids!

  • It is really sad. I hear of so much “Fat shaming” when I’m out and about and it makes me want to scream.

    My best physical features are my BIG brown eyes and super long 36″ inseam legs:) Yep love my long, lean legs!!

  • Monique

    I have a pretty smile. Thanks, Penelope, for making me think something positive about myself!

  • I love my legs! Strong, athletic and feminine!

  • I do feel bad about my body occasionally – like when I’ve gained a few lbs over my normal weight…but other than that I love myself! At one time I thought I was ugly but now I embrace my face and body and love it!

  • I love my eyes and my lips! I feel fat talk is so common because the media constantly promotes size 0 as a standard for beautiful. Perhaps if they embraced the more common sized woman a bit more, we would learn to feel better about ourselves.

  • I think my best feature is my fingernails. I get so many compliments and everyone wants to know my secret on keeping them long.

  • That infographic is right! I am most likely to fat talk about (TO) myself in front of the mirror.

    I think my best physical feature is my face. I like my eyes, nose and mouth.

  • I am totally guilty of the fat talk! I sometimes make comments about being fat now – though I AM 39 weeks pregnant. It’s something I definitely need to work on.

  • Penelope

    So what is your best feature?

  • I’d say my eyes – I love their color!

  • I need to start thinking of my best feature as opposed to my bad features.

  • Penelope

    What is your best feature? You have pretty eyes in my opinion 🙂

  • I believe every woman is beautiful in her own way! Personally, I love my legs. 🙂

  • I am actually pretty happy with my body, for once in my life. 🙂 But really, my best feature is my face – I’m lucky to have green eyes, which isn’t very common where I live. Most people have brown eyes so everyone notices mine!

  • I guess my best feature is my eyes…maybe my smile.

  • I am DEFINITELY guilty of Fat-Tak … but I DO like my curls and my green eyes. Those things I can always rely on to look good. 😉

  • Penelope

    You do have a rockin’ bod too, I agree 😉

  • I love, love, love this campaign.

  • I’ve got a great rack. Or so I’ve been told. 🙂

  • Penelope

    That’s not a bad feature to have *wink*

  • Penelope

    But you didn’t share your best feature! Tell, tell (brag on yourself!)

  • I’ve often gotten compliments on my hair and legs. Best features. I love this and it’s a great gentle reminder that we need to focus on the positive.

  • I really have a hard time when it comes to answering things like this because honestly when I look in the mirror I don’t really see beauty. If I had to pick something though, it would probably be my collar bone.

  • Mickey

    I would say my eyes.

  • Penelope

    Kathleen, you are such a pretty woman! And your sons look so much like you, they have a lot of your beauty (translated into male form though, lol)…you have gorgeous eyes and a pretty smile to start with. In some parts of the world the collar bone is considered very sexy, so it’s kept covered- I always thought that was really interesting.. in other areas the back of the neck was considered erotic and sensitive, so women had to keep their hair down unless they were looking for attention 🙂

  • I love my face! My family used to make fun of me when I was a kid because I have such a big, wide face, but I have grown to love it. My 3yo has taken after me and has a wide face, too. I think she’s absolutely beautiful.

  • Penelope

    My mom has that feature too and people think she is stunning- wide cheekbones are never a bad thing! It’s a sign of beauty in pretty much all cultures (universal sign of beauty)

  • You know I’ve never really thought about it. I’d have to say my hair I guess. It’s really thick and grows quickly.

  • This is really a hard thing for me, but I do like my dark brown wavy, curly hair. Ironically, I straighten it a lot of the time. lol

  • I like my hair. Sometimes it gets on my nerves, but it’s long and straight and for the most part cooperates with me.

  • I absolutely LOVE my eyes. I don’t even need to enhance them with make-up.

  • I love my dimples!!! 🙂 I always hated them growing up but now I love them.

  • Penelope

    Dimples are the BEST! Both my sons have them, and they got them from me 😉