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All Three Of My Men Have Seasonal Allergies? Uh Oh #ICanBreathe

My husband has allergies, and tends to need relief almost year round. He especially suffers during times when the pollen count is really high. My sons already seem to be very sensitive, too, and show symptoms of having seasonal allergies, so I have a feeling this home will actually have three men who suffer from allergies in it. Of course, I want to help them combat it and feel good, and prefer to provide them with relief in the most natural way possible.

ZarBee’s is offering relief for seasonal pollen allergies and congestion in the form of a new, all natural remedy hitting the shelves. Curious? Visit ZarBee’s facebook page and you can get a free sample of Seasonal Remedies for yourself and your family to try out.

My husband usually uses an over the counter medication for his seasonal allergies, and overtime the threshold seemed to change; he went from needing one tablet a day to obtain relief, to two, to three. The money spent, as well as the side effects, increased as a result. He expressed interest in detoxing by just stopping for a bit and starting over, and during this time I learned about ZarBee’s Seasonal Remedies. Because it’s all natural, he is looking forward to continuosly using it throughout the end of summer and through the fall, and hopefully never having to resort to products that make him feel groggy, or his throat overly dry, again. 

Now that my son is going back to school too, I try to keep him healthy, naturally, as well. I make sure he eats healthy (lots of fruits and veggies to help keep his immune system strong). I stock his book bag with natural wipes so he can clean his hands through out the day, wiping away germs without rubbing on chemicals. I remind him to not share straws and cups (he is almost four, so I have to tell him), and to wash his hands well after sneezing and before and after eating. I do the same for my husband, but he knows about the hand washing and not sharing 🙂

ZarBee’s Seasonal Relief is the 1st ever natural and clinically proven product that helps with seasonal pollen and congestion relief. It is made with a clinically proven ingredient called Butterbur Ze 339, which has only been available in Switzerland until now. In clinical studies, Butterbur Ze 339 was as effective at easing congestion and the effects of seasonal pollen. There are no drugs, diphenhydramine or medicines in this formula, just natural ingredients proven to work safely and effectively. ZarBee’s Seasonal Relief is non-drowsy, non-habit forming and completely PA-safe.

ZarBee’s Seasonal Relief is hitting the shelves in Target and CVS nationwide in August 2013. Find your free sample here.

ZarBee’s Seasonal Relief is the 1st ever natural and clinically proven product that helps with seasonal pollen & congestion relief. Click here to learn how to get your free sample of the new Seasonal Remedies.


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of ZarBee’s. The opinions and text are all mine.