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Unusual Beauty Treatments And A $50 Visa Gift Card Give Away

Beauty is a goal for most of us, and some of us are willing to experiment a little bit more than others in order to achieve it, especially the wealthy and celebrities. I recently discovered some interesting, and possibly very effective, beauty treatments that the rich and famous swear by, and has now been embraced by the masses.

I’m really curious, though…on your quest for beauty and youthful good looks, would you do any of these?

Unusual Beauty Treatments

  • Use a lotion made of sheep placenta? Madonna and Eva Longoria swear by it
  • Let fishies eat the dead skin off your feet? This is known as the Fish Pedicure, and salons are offering this all over the US…a foot bath full of fish nibble on your toes
  • Put bird droppings on your face? Also referred to as the Geisha Facial, Nightingale excrement is believed to give you glowing skin and is a wildly popular spa treatment right now
  • Let leeches suck on your skin? Demi Moore does, for two hour “treatments” at a time, believing that the enzymes they release while attached to your skin detoxify and improve your circulation
  • Condition your hair with bull semen? I think of all the unusual beauty treatments I’ve ever heard of (and I’m pretty open minded, I would actually try most of them), this is the one I would avoid, because I’d keep wondering how they got it and I’d know what it is while it saturates my hair strands

What is the most unusual beauty tip or treatment you’ve heard of or tried?

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  • courtney b

    put mud on your face 🙂

  • Stephanie Phelps

    I have heard of hemoroid medicine for under the eyes

  • darlene bohannon

    my great grandma told me ,that years ago,mothers would use thier baby’s wet cloth diaper to wipe the babys face,supposely it was to keep the babies skin pretty and white.hope its still not practiced !!

  • Elena

    using sour cream on your face to make your skin lighter

  • Becky M

    I read that you can make a great facial mask out of pumpkin!

  • Lisa Brown

    applying milk of magnesia on the face to treat acne

  • Hanan

    Baking soda for pimples.

  • Linda White

    fish that eat the dry skin off of your feet!

  • Jessie C.

    Aspirin to treat acnes

  • Heather!

    Somebody recommended a product to me called Frownies. She swore by them, so I decided to give them a try and ordered a box. They are basically like the sticky part of an envelope; you wet the glue and stick them to your face where you want to decrease wrinkles. I suppose they work (they keep your skin from wrinkling by holding it taut as you sleep), but I felt so ridiculous wearing them!

    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

  • Penelope

    I have wanted to try Frownies! Thanks for the feedback, I still plan to give them a shot 🙂

  • Stacey B

    Putting baby oil on your razor before each use extends it’s life

  • Jennifer Marie

    Never tried it but people have told me that shampooing with eggs make the hair shinier?

  • Linda Kish

    I always thought the preparation H for bags under your eyes was pretty weird.

  • Joanna Broadbent

    I exfoliate once a week with baking soda paste and moisturize every night with coconut oil

  • Jennifer hutson

    Ive heard eggs for hair to make it shiny i just would never try it. Lol.

  • Kristi

    I had heard about the bird poop facial before reading this post. I can’t even imagine!

  • Ellie W

    My daughter-in-law removes her make-up with cooking oil on a cotton ball.

  • Shawna O.

    For dry skin, apply mashed avocado to your face for 15 minutes.

  • Harmony B

    Ive tried the mayonaise in the hair. It works but its doesnt smell good and its messy

  • Katy P

    I have heard of toothpaste used as a n acne treatment.

  • I use the white colgate toothpaste (the basic with whitening) for acne. I have used mayonnaise in my hair as well as egg whites to treat dry hair. vingear for sunburn

  • amy pugmire

    i use baby powder to help with my greasy hair

  • Tina M

    an egg-white mask can help soothe and brighten dull, tired skin.

  • June L

    Washing your hair in vinegar

  • Sena S

    weird beauty tip i’ve heard but never tried – put ground, raw garlic on your pimples.
    i wouldn’t want my face to smell of garlic!

  • I think the fish pedicure has to be tops. I might be willing to try it :/.

  • nannypanpan

    i’ve used mayo in my hair to moisturize it

  • Juan Sanchez

    Not really a beauty tip, but if you rub onions in your face you grow facial hair faster 😛

  • rebecca shockley

    I heard that if you use sliced potatoes on your eye’s it will help with dark circles and bags under your eye’s

  • Elizabeth

    I’ve heard people use lemon juice or strawberries to whiten their teeth. I would never try it though, I’d imagine the acids would damage the enamel

  • Audra Weathers

    I’ve heard of using baking soda to wash out temporary hair color. I actually have tried it (a hair dye gone wrong story) and I really couldn’t tell much of a difference.

  • Amanda Sakovitz

    putting mayo in your hair to make it shiny.

  • Kim D.

    You can slather on a layer of diaper-rash cream to help with cracked elbows and feet.

  • I’ve heard you’re suppose to put cucumber slices on your eyes but I’ve never tried it myself.

  • Laura Jacobson

    I have not tried it but heard that you can mix oatmeal and one egg white for a mask for your face! Heard it is wonderful!

  • I just heard about moroccan oil for hair yesterday. I want to try that.

  • I haven’t tried it but I’ve heard of spas that offer the service for people to put their feet in a tank of small fish. The fish nibble at the skin, exfoliating it. Thanks.

  • Amanda Sakovitz

    toothpaste can remove zits

  • Janice Cooper

    Put a dab of toothpaste on a pimple to make it disappear. Haven’t tried it yet.

  • Cyn Hughes

    Hemmerhoid cream to treat under eye puffiness. Never tried it thought!

  • Dorothy Sandman

    Mayo in hair for dryness.

  • Patricia Wojnar Crowley

    I’ve heard that mayo makes a good conditioner…but i would probably never try it.

  • betty wojnar

    I put henna in my hair to dye it.

  • Jill H.

    Using baby oil as a deep conditioner when hair is extremely dry.

  • Jenny Ham

    Soaking your feet in tea so they don’t smell… It’s works….

  • Adella Gonzalez

    I’m all about beauty secrets and anti-aging! The most unusual beauty tip I’ve read about came from Asia. Asian women have been known to not make any facial expressions whatsoever. This is to completely prevent facial wrinkles.
    I see the logic in it and have actually made a conscious effort to do this myself. It’s quite hard to keep up with to say the least.
    Aside from this, and one that is quite easy to follow, is to change your pillow case to silk, so that you don’t produce any creases during the night…which lead to wrinkles as well.

    NO smiling and frowning ladies!!

  • pam

    mix brown sugar with honey, baking soda and apple cider vinegar and coconut oil. makes a great face scrub. I have also tried the fish on your feet and that works.