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The Twisted Updo Hairstyle Tutorial

hairstyle how to twisted bun

I obviously love updos (as a mom with an active son, hair away from my face is a great thing, and updos and buns are just so pretty). Here is another pretty updo bun hairstyle tutorial featuring one of my favorite hair styles, the twisted bun hairstyle to the side, a hairstyle that also looks great for bridesmaids or for an evening out because of how sophisticated and simple it looks. Just add some sparkly earrings and an elegant dress and you are ready for a lovely evening out!

How To Create the Twisted Updo Bun Hairstyle To The Side Tutorial

twisted bun hairstyle tutorial

1. Start with hair down and loose. This will work with all hair types, but hair should be combed through whether straight or curly.

2. At bottom corner (easier to start from left if you are right-handed) start twisting hair upward and inward close to nape of neck.

3. Continue on toward other side of neck, and pin twisted hair in place. Turn up and around and start twisting hair back toward the original start side.

4. Create a figure eight with twisted hair and pin in place.

5. For an evening out, a flower pinned by the twisted bun and some loose tendrils around the face make for a softer, prettier look that is also dressier. A narrow, glittery headband placed lightly on top (don’t brush hair back with headband) or a sparkly barrette used to fasten the twisted bun in place are also great options.

Some beautiful hair accessory ideas to go with the twisted updo bun hairstyle:

beauty hair accessories

  • April Decheine

    Love updo’s, my hair is always up!

  • Melissa Au

    What an adorable updo! I pull my hair in a ponytail too much. i’ll have to try this.

  • Very nice! I love that look.

  • Theresa

    That is a beautiful hair style Penelope!

  • Shop with Me Mama (Kim)

    Very pretty Penelope!!! Your hair is so pretty!!

  • ceemee

    That looks so nice! Must try that sometime!

  • How pretty Penelope. This is so simple as well. Thanks for the tutorial!

  • Jennifer

    once again, I am amazed with your hair. I really want to try the hairstyles you post but I dont think I have the cordination for it, lol

  • Canadian Mom Blogger

    Beautiful, as always!

  • Maureen @ Wisconsin Mommy

    I always see these amazing hairstyles and wonder how to do them – thanks for showing us this one!!

  • Lolo

    That looks so easy and cute. I wonder if I can do it, my hair is not as long as yours. I am going to give it a try!!

  • Toni @ A Daily Dose

    that’s such a pretty updo. My hair isn’t quite long enough since I just cut it I dont’ think but when it grows I will definitely be trying it.

  • Anne - Mommy Has to Work

    My up do’s are always messy!

  • Courtney

    I am so bad with styling my hair, Love this!!

  • Amy

    I love this. I always have m hair up and you have some awesome ideas!

  • Marianna


  • Zippy Sandler

    You make it look so easy.

  • Kelly @ Texas Type A Mom

    Your hair always looks amazing!

  • Tammy

    Great tutorial. My hair is too short to do it.

  • great updo I bet i can do this with my hair now thats it a bit longer

  • What a good idea. I got a little confused on how to do #4 but I’ll have to play around with my daughter’s hair (my hair is too short).

  • Penelope

    You twist the hair all the way down (to the end) and after you are done twisting it lengthwise, turn it around on itself to make a figure eight like I did (it looks like an 8 lying on its side)…you can also do other things with it, but the twisted figure 8 is simple enough to be elegant, and it’s easier for most people to do.

    Hope that helps!

  • Looks cool, but a little difficult. What kind of difficulty level would you give it? I like your tutorial style – it’s something we love to see at taaz.com, you should come share with us!

  • Penelope

    It’s a surprisingly easy hairstyle…I’m not particularly dexterous so all the beauty tips and hair styles I do are on the easy side, and this hair style tutoorial takes a few moments, literally.

  • San

    Awesome! But it seems a little bit difficult to me.

  • That is SO cute! I don’t know if I’m talented enough to pull that off {even with your awesome tutorial} but I think I’m going to try!

  • Love this hairdo. Unfortunately, I doubt mine would come out as neat as yours if I gave this a try.