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Barney’s Likes A Skinny Minnie…So What?

Barney’s New York created a new, updated Minnie Mouse, a tall, bony, fashion model version of the original, pretty, shapely mouse. People are up in arms over how girls will perceive this change, and feel it creates an unrealistic portrayal of beauty.

Really? What on earth is beautiful about this skinny Minnie?

High fashion and magazines like Vogue aren’t really about beauty, they are about clothing fashion as art. Their models are rarely sexy, alluring women. They tend to be gigantically tall and disproportionately narrow, angular and bony, and the focus is on extreme, somewhat ridiculous clothing trends…an overall look that doesn’t exactly appeal to most men (and isn’t that who women want to be beautiful for?). They look nothing like the gals on the cover of men’s magazines.

Let’s be honest, Ann Wintour of Vogue and her ilk, as well as the many gay male fashion designers that choose and decorate these models, talented as they are when it comes to clothing fashion as art, are not exactly experts on what makes a woman beautiful or attractive to straight men (or the least bit interested in this either, for that matter). This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. They don’t make their fortune from shopping men, after all, and none of them are physically attracted to women, so why should they care about the opinion of a population that doesn’t benefit them in any way.

So why on earth does any female care what Barneys et all think the ideal female form is? Does anyone really believe men are lusting over Barneys Minnie Mouse? Why would a young girl think that she is something to emulate beauty-wise? The original Minnie Mouse, a petite, feminine, adorable and curvy little thing, is the one we should be jealous of…she’s hot stuff!

  • THis is too cute. LOL!

  • Maryann

    I totally agree. That other minnie is frightening if you ask me.