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Anniversary Gifts- The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Anniversary gifts are often seen as a barometer for a relationship, with romantic presents like jewelry believed to be indicative of a great marriage, and a practical gift of, say, a universal remote control meaning that maybe your husband isn’t feeling that romantic about you at the moment.

Personally, I generally agree with this. I’d much rather get a pair of diamond earring and flowers as anniversary gifts than an exercise bike or a tool kit. I’d wonder what my husband was thinking about if I opened up a grill pan for our anniversary. Actually, I’d know what he was thinking about. Food. For him. On a day he should have been thinking about me.

So I’m one of those gals who thinks anniversary gifts are kind of important.

I get that sometimes finances are tight. I also get that there are women who prefer practical anniversary gifts that are utterly unromantic. But I think they are the exception, women who think a present of sweat pants says “I love you”. I love thoughtful gifts too, like a beautiful eReader cover or girly bike helmet, but for me, those are great for a birthday or “just because”, not something that celebrates the day my husband and I became one. Unless he wants to get me an anklet and the cover too. But just the cover? No no no no.

anniversary gifts ideas

My husband and I have only been married for four years, but he often outdoes himself, especially one year where he surprised me with a white sapphire hearts anklet, a day at the spa, and a romantic dinner, as well as small, sentimental tokens (from a usually non-sentimental guy). It was a great day that made me feel the focus was just on making me happy to be with him, and our love for each other.

The funniest (read: oddest) anniversary gift was the year that, in addition to a gold locket, I opened up a box of Kahlua-flavored cigars. My twice a year cigar-smoking husband explained “You love Kahlua, and said you think cigars smell and taste stinky, so I got you some that you’d like. Now you can smoke with me.” It’s the thought that counts, and I have to admit I loved my Kahlua cigars.

Wonderful anniversaries are important for a happy marriage because it’s something for a couple to look back on and draw from when times becomes harder, finances become tougher, children and busyness comes along, etc. It’s great to build a lifetime of good memories to help keep a marriage strong. A good friend of mine says she never gets anniversary gifts at all, except for the year her husband got her a screw driver so she could fix things around the house herself instead of “bugging him all the time”. It was a pink screw driver, “for girls”, and it’s a good thing she has a great sense of humor, because I think I would have found it less funny than she did!

A new movie, “Hope Springs”, stars Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones (what a great screen pair!) as a couple with a generally happy marriage striving to bring back that spark, with the help of Steve Carrel, their marriage therapist. You know this is going to be a funny movie, great to watch with the husband or friends, and I can not wait to see it. You can click the logo at the top to go to the movie website.

Watch the trailer here:

So tell me, what are the best and worst anniversary gifts you’ve ever received?

  • Jenn

    Hubs is not a gift-giver. I let him slide since he’s always lending a hand with diapers, dishes, and anything else I need. Sometimes that’s priceless!

  • Diane | An Extraordinary Day

    Your cigar story cracked me up! I’m still chuckling. 😀
    I sense gifts are your love language. And your husband seems to know it well. Best wishes to both of you for years and years of wedded bliss.

  • Happy SITS Day! I look forward to reading through your posts when I can come back with a cup of coffee.

    Looking forward to this movie. Loved the trailer.

  • The best portion of my anniversary gifts one year was a song that my husband wrote and sang for me while he played his guitar. We’re rarely sappy, so it was truly special. This movie looks great!

  • I can’t remember a bad gift…We are normally non gift givers.

  • I hadn’t heard of this movie yet. Best gift? I’m going to be honest that no anniversary gift so far has been very memorable. We’re not big on sentimental, romantic or mushy, though. lol

  • Billie

    I like presents, and my husband is usually great at gift giving. He once gave me a vacuum for Valentine’s Day. To his defense, I did want a new one.

  • We really don’t do gifts – just a night out and a special dinner. I’m also all about practical gifts so I’m not the norm, lol.

  • I am practical I would rather have something I will use or need then a frivilous gift. I don’t do the flower thing. I can’t think of a “worst” gift but I remember one Valentines Day (sorry not the right holiday) that my husband bought me a pair of $100 top of the line fitness shoes because I had been complaining one day about my feet hurting.

    It is very thoughtful like that, also catches those things I don’t think of when I mention I want or need something.

  • Honestly, we stopped doing gifts so long ago because we were trying to eliminate debt that I can’t even remember!

  • Donna

    My husband has done so many romantic things for me. Not only on our anniversary. My favorites are the love poems he wrote me. He is a great writer, but his poetry is beautiful. This movie looks good, btw!

  • Penelope

    Poetry is a truly romantic gift!

  • I might have to check out this movie. Love Meryl Streep!

  • Haha too funny!! I always just give money.. We got a lot of people who came without gifts.. some gave money.

  • I haven’t received a bad anniversary gift. My husband is always very thoughtful with his gifts.

  • This movie looks so good! My favorite anniversary gift was a cake my husband and young sons made. They got out our wedding album and tried to recreate our wedding cake. It was a mess and I couldn’t have loved him more for the effort.

  • You might think this is a bad gift, but one year I got a dish washer. It was at our old house, and I loved it. Wish I could have brought it with us.

  • I think this movie looks so funny… and makes me think of parents! HA!