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Applying Foundation- How To Pick The Best Foundation and Apply It Expertly #Beauty

Applying foundation has the ability to make a woman look like she has clear, beautiful skin. It can cover up blemishes, blotchy, uneven skin tones, lighten dark undereye circles, and (in expert hands) even alter the appearance of a face by playing with shadows and highlights. In essence, it makes sense to learn to how to apply foundation, because along with lipstick and mascara, can make a woman look like a natural beauty in minutes.

How To Pick The Best Foundation For Your Skin

1. Figure out if you are cool toned (pink undertones in skin) or warm toned (yellow undertones). Most people are warm toned.
2. Decide if you need your foundation to do anything extra:
* If you have dry skin, pick a moisturizing formula.
* If you are prone to acne, it should be oil-free.
* If you freckle or tend to develop spots from sun exposure, choose a foundation with sunblock.
3. Visit a makeup counter or store, and find the company and line that offers the features you are looking for in step 2.
4. Try on the three shades that closely match your general skin color (light, medium, dark-toned) in that foundation line. Apply a streak of each to your jawline, as shown in picture, and leave it on for approximately one minute.

How to choose the right foundation shade

5. After the time passes, check and see which shade is no longer visible on your skin; check outdoors in natural light. The one that disappears on your skin is the shade for you. You should never be able to tell you are wearing foundation, only that you have gorgeous skin. If you can see it, start step 4 again with three other shades.
* If you are in between shades, pick the darker shade for a more natural look. The lighter shade will look chalky on your skin.
* If the shade is too pink, you need a warmer tone (a yellow based foundation) and vice versa.
6. If you get a tan, or if you bought foundation when you had a tan, buy a new shade when your skin color changes so that applying foundation, it always matches your current skin tone and never looks like a mask- if you picked the right color, you should not be able to tell you are wearing any.

How To Apply Foundation

How to apply foundation

1. Start with a clean, freshly washed face.
2. If you use moisturizers or facial creams, apply them first and allow 15 minutes to pass.
3. Dot foundation along your forehead, nose, and chin. If you have undereye circles or red/uneven coloring on your cheeks or around your nostrils and mouth, dot some foundation here too.
4. Blend in well with short, quick strokes, sweeping away from the t-zone and down toward the edge of your face.

If your foundation is noticeable, you are using the wrong color. If it cakes, you are using the wrong formula for your skin (or too much). It may help to apply foundation with a makeup sponge to prevent overdoing it. The goal of foundation is to match your skin color, not to change it, and to give your skin as flawless an appearance as possible.

Most foundation can cover up spots, blemishes, discolorations, and undereye circles, but if it is unable to fully do this, you may need to break out the heavy artillery (concealer)!

Thanks for visiting my beauty blog. Hope you enjoyed these beauty tips for how to apply foundation and pick the right shade for you!

  • HilLesha

    Great post! 🙂

  • Theresa @ Faith And Family Reviews

    Ok, since you posted this, maybe you can help me with something: Do you know what to do if your cover up does not apply smoothly? Especially under the eyes? Do you think it is old? The brand or something else? Lately mine has looked cracked (think dried mud with cracks in it) and won’t go on smoothly. 🙁

  • I have the WORST time with foundation. I always have. I have finally learned, though, that I need a yellow based foundation to get rid of my red skin. However…no matter what shade or color I buy (I currently use MAC), it looks great in the store, but an hour later my face looks orange. It drives me nuts. A lot of people have recommended Bare Minerals. Any thoughts on that?

  • Penelope

    I’ve heard very good things about them, especially that they are natural and do not contain the lead and carcinogens in most makeup products (including most foundation). I currently use Clinique because the shade that matched me best was from them, but I don’t promote them or prefer them. The best company is the one that offers what you need.

    If you look orange an hour later, than from now on when you test colors, test them for an hour, three streaks on the jaw. If any look orange, you may be cool (and need a cool shade) or going to dark. A foundation that is a bit more translucent may help also (some offer more or less coverage, so one with less coverage in a more pink shade may match your skin better). Don’t buy anything until you see how they look after an hour, no matter how pushy the salesperson it.

  • Penelope

    If you’ve had it for a while, than I would say it’s old (dried up) but some brands are also thicker than others, so you may need one that is not so creamy or cakey. The one I use is more liquidy (there are stick foundations, cream, lotion, etc so use the one that is easiest for you to use and matches your skin). I like it because I can apply a small amount, and if I need more, I can add another layer.

    Another trick, if this keeps happening, is to add some moisturizer to the foundation (a drop of each) and mix it together on the back of your before applying. Let me know how this works for you. Finding the right foundation with the right texture is sooo important, because foundation can really change how your face looks, and if you can see it (because the color is wrong or the texture looks like something is painted on, lol) then you are better off without any- but that’s a shame. It’s worth finding the right one.

  • Tammy

    Thanks for posting this – I have trouble with my foundation looking “streaky” on my face – I’m going to try your tips and see if it makes a difference.

  • Mother Mayhem

    The best thing I ever did for my complexion was to switch from a liquid foundation to a powder form. Smooth and light. 😉

    I still remember when there was one type of foundation. You just had to choose which shade of “orange” you wanted to be. Chuckle.

  • I have to change my foundation according to the “seasons” here in Houston; in the few months of winter we have, my skin gets incredibly dry. . . the rest of the year, it is so humid here that my “winter” foundation will slide off.

  • Mimi

    This is going to sound crazy, but I’ve never been much of a make-up wearer because I’ve never really understood how to apply it or do it correctly. Thanks so much for this post about foundation!!