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Fat Burning Foods #Fitness

Learn how to burn calories and lose weight, just by eating! There are foods that actually help you lose weight, and the more you eat, the more you lose. Fat burning foods are actually healthy foods that you should be eating anyway.

So what are the foods to help lose weight?

Fat Burning Foods


1. Broccoli- my favorite vegetable actually burns more calories being digested in your body than it contains, so everytime you eat brocolli, you are losing weight. Broccoli is also a cancer-fighter, so stock up on this nutritious veggie! I eat broccoli as a food to lose weight every day, with a bit of salt, and sometimes some olive oil (a healthy fat) and maybe a bit of lemon juice sprinkled on. It’s probably the tastiest fat burning food (celery is another fat burning food that burns more calories than it contains, but since I don’t really like the taste it’s not on this recommended list).

2. Lemon- Drink water to lose weight. Ok, no big secret there (drinking water makes your body metabolism work optimally). Want to really kick start your weight loss? Drink water with fresh lemon juice, and you’ll find that even if you don’t diet, you’ll lose weight. Why? It may be because lemon acts as a surfactant (cuts the grease- housewives who clean with natural products such as lemon know this already), but lemon juice washes away fat residue along your digestive tract that was waiting to be digested and incorporated into your body. It’s the best fat detox trick, but it must be fresh lemon juice. Cut open a lemon and squeeze it into each glass of water.

3. Lettuce- Did you know what eating a salad before each meal will not only fill you up so that you don’t pig out on the main meal, but lettuce is another fat burning food- few calories, lots of metabolic burning to get it digested. I love salad, so this one is awesome for me. If you like something tasty in your salad, you can add the next group of foods to lose weight:

4. Grilled chicken and hard-boiled eggs contain protein, which prevents the spikes in blood sugar that lead to hunger pangs. Protein fat burning foods make you feel fuller sooner, are very healthy, necessary to build muscle, are low in fat (one or two eggs is relatively low in fat, even if you eat the yolk, considering how full it makes you feel and all the vitamins and amino acids it contains). A salad with grilled chicken or sliced hard-boiled eggs for lunch is the ultimate lunch food to lose weight.

5. Green tea- of course there was going to be another beverage- being hydrated is important when you are trying to lose weight. Green tea contains catechins (more cancer-fighting antioxidants) that speed up metabolism and fat burning. Green tea tastes great, and has a slew of health benefits- that green tea is a drink to lose weight and tastes good too is a huge plus. When you are out with friends, don’t order a coffee, order a green tea.

The great thing about these fat burning foods is that they are so delicious, this alone offers motivation to lose weight. Many diet plans to lose weight aren’t healthy or tasty or practical, but these foods to lose weight offer a healthy way to lose weight quickly and with foods and beverages you already have in your home.

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  • I love greens and almost always have some type of salad with my dinner. I wish my family would eat a bit healthier:( Lemon water rocks!

  • Brandy

    Thanks for this. I heard vinegar is good too? IDK but I love vinegar and cucumbers together 😉

  • I need all the help I can get. Thanks girl.

  • Thanks for sharing! I wonder if tea is OK for pregnant women?

  • Shop with Me Mama (Kim)

    I love veggies, I swear I could be a vegetarian! Thanks for these tips 🙂

  • Brandi @ FLip Flop Mama

    Awesome, I didn’t know some of this stuff so I”ll have to try it! Thanks for posting!

  • YUM! And I love all of those things!! 🙂 I heard the same about celery that you posted about broccoli – is that true? AND adding cinnamon to things..like my coffee. 🙂

  • lisa

    hitting my stumble button this morning and THIS came up!!! 🙂

  • Penelope

    I have more coming soon, lots of healthy fat burning foods to lose weight naturally!

  • Mike Behnken

    Great article, it’s always a sight for sore eyes to see a well written article when most of my search results lately have been blatant garbage. I will look forward to your future posts. Thanks 🙂

  • Jill

    These are amazing tips! I eat most of these foods on a daily basis and I am happy to read about their fat burning abilities. One thing that I have done recently is using MyFitnessPal.com (I’m not getting paid for promoting them I just want to share). It’s free and you can download the app on your phone and look up nutrition info on any food (even popular restaurant chains and food).

  • Matthew c

    Great ideas here. One thing that has worked for me in the past is eating 5-6 small meals a day vs 2-3 bigger meals. It allows the body time to digest and you will more then likely burn each meal off easier. Thanks for the great post here.

  • I love drinking lemon water and it’s awesome to hear it helps burn fat.

  • More great foods! Veggies, proteins and green tea are great fat burning foods!