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Ashley Hebert #Bachelorette Chit Chat

Ashley Hebert

Bradley Womack, you missed out

This week is the third episode of the newest Bachelorette season starring Ashley Hebert, and the rumors and spoilers are out there. The current season is one of the most popular season, and according to Reality Steve, Ashley is happily engaged somewhere. I’m not going to share who the winner is (you have to go to the spoiler site for that) but I do want to say that if Steve is right, I am very happy with Ashley’s choice…he is a cutie pie, really nice, and seems really into her.

My thoughts on the Bachelorette, the first two weeks:
* Ashley clearly likes good-looking men! Her main criteria seems to be physical chemistry, and she is right, she does have some of the best looking bachelors who have ever been on the show. Ryan Sutter and a few others were very good looking (I was very jealous of Trista Rehn, and thought living in Colorado would not be a bad idea if that was what their firemen looked like).

* The show obviously knows Bentley does not like Ashley. It’s absurd he was cast when his feelings were disclosed during the casting interviews. It’s also absurd they keep him on while he badmouths her and leads her on. He is wasting her time and taking the place of men who are really interested in her. Ali Fedetowsky was warned about Rated R Justin Rego as soon as they found out about his girlfriend back home, and Jake Pavelka was warned about a bachelorette contestant having an inappropriate relationship with a member of the Bachelor staff. Why doesn’t Ashley get the same courtesy? Though in all fairness, she was warned (by someone off the show) so she made her own choices.

* Since we don’t know if the Bachelorette spoilers are correct, I can still have fun following along and choosing favorites. My picks for Ashley are J.P. Rosenbaum (he was so anxious to kiss her), Mickey (they are cute together and he stole the first kiss), and Ryan P (he takes pictures with her and remembers little things about her from last season)

* Men who watched her season with Brad Womack and hoped it was her, men who notice changes in her hair, men who say they felt she was the one- they are all gone. She seems to like a challenge with men, and prefers them good looking, charming, and a bit elusive or mysterious. They don’t win points for being crazy about her.

* The hair is still killing me. Ashley Hebert has a great figure, and looked terrific with her shorter, blonde hair. The Morticia Adams hair just doesn’t flatter her.

Ashley Hebert Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Photos

Not Bentley's type?

Now for some Ashley Hebert trivia (because everyone seems to want to know):

How tall is Ashley Hebert? About 5’1″ or 5’2″, depending on the source.

What happened to Ashley’s ex boyfriend? One of Ashley’s long-term ex’s is rumored to have died before she started filming her stint on the Bachelor. There doesn’t seem to be info to confirm this (and she isn’t speaking about it yet) but if he was an ex, and not her boyfriend at the time, who cares?

Who warned Ashley about Bentley? Michelle Money, her friend and co-contestant on Brad Womack’s season of the Bachelor, admits that she was the one to send Ashley the warning texts that Bentley was on the show for the wrong reasons.

Ashley Hebert bio: Ashley is a dentist from Madawaska, ME who currently lives in Philadelphia. She is 26, and loves dancing so much that she teaches it, and studied it for years (she is an expert choreographer). She understands French because it’s a popular language in her hometown, but she doesn’t actually speak it. She has a couple of tattoos, including one that says “Crazy Beautiful”, and has an older sister who is also madly tattooed. The two have won a medley of beauty contests, and Ashley has won dance and fitness contests. She is family oriented and has a dog named Boo.

Ashley also reads blogs and gets upset when she reads negative things about herself. Ashley, don’t you know we are full of nonsense when we gossip, and are just having fun watching a “reality” show? No one means anything they write about this stuff, and we loves ya anyway!

  • Nolie

    I don’t think I will be watching anymore of the season. She is annoying me but not sure if it’s her, my mood when I watched last week or my pregnancy. I ended up turning the TV off though and never finished watching the episode. I will try again this week but no promises.

  • Tammy

    oh she’s quite tiny at 5’1″, that surprises me that she has one some beauty contests, I mean not because she isn’t beautiful, but usually the “taller” ones win 🙂

  • I’m loving this season so far. However, I totally want to slap that ol’ Bentley! He’s the biggest fricken’ jerk and I hope he spends the rest of his life ALONE!

  • Shop with Me Mama (Kim)

    I have never really watched this show, but maybe I should!! Sounds like my kind of show 🙂

  • It’s THAT popular of a season??? I just really don’t care for her at all, and I have a hard time watching. She’s not very likable. Some of the guys are really nice and sweet though.

  • Kelly

    I think this season is probably so successful is Ashley seems so normal and it’s easier to relate to her than a lot of the other girls they have on there. She just seems so normal and approachable. I hope in Ashley’s searching she finds your sweet description of her too!

  • I’ve never watched any of these so I”m clueless!

  • I watched it the other day for the first time. She does have a lot of hotties on the show!

  • jessica dc

    she’s not really pretty. i bet the one who wrote this article has been paid. brad can’t possibly be missing out. and bentley is right, she’s not really attractive.

    no wonder he’s into good-looking men, not-so-pretty girls are into that stuff. her sister is way prettier, ashley’s right to get insecure as said almost everytime in almost all episode of the bachelorette since bentley left.

    she shouldnt have said over and over again.. that she has insecurities and stuff. obviously some guys who worked their way up into finally being casted would just be there for the “winning” part. bottomline, she’s not really pretty. she’s not really hot. bentley couldn’t possibly “feel” it, coz she is so not attractive.

  • Penelope

    I wasn’t paid to write this article, lol, and personally I think she has a fabulous body. I don’t find Bentley attractive at all, and I didn’t think her second runner up or some others were good looking either, so her taste and mine (aside from JP) are just not a match with mine.

    I’m not sure if this is a girl saying this or if you just signed a girl’s name, but since when are “unattractive” girls are into good-looking guys? so if a girl is pretty, she likes ugly men?…this sounds like something an unattractive guy would say, or a girl who can’t get good looking men. In general, Ashley’s men weren’t good looking, so your comments didn’t make sense either way, but pretty girls and handsome men being a match makes sense to me- water meets its own level.